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pyAlarm namechange and New Release 0.5.1

pyAlarm has changed its name. It will henceforth be known as Dave's Stupid Alarm Clock, which is both a more accurate name as well as slightly sillier.

To celebrate the name change, I bring you a new and improved 0.5.1 version. This version has a pyQt3 GUI, and unfortunately doesn't run in Windows anymore. That will be corrected in a bit, but for now, you linux boys have at it.

You need pyQt3, Python's ctypes module (standard in Python 2.5, earlier versions need to install it), mpg321 and ogg123.... read more

Posted by Dave Fancella 2006-09-14

New release of pyAlarm, 0.1.6

This release sees a few important improvements. Toolbar buttons now are appropriately enabled/disabled, and basic logging is implemented (no reporting yet, sorry). Also, a very nasty bug in the media manager is fixed, so anyone who tried 0.1.5 and found it didn't work are urged to try 0.1.6. Sorry!

If you're running 0.1.4 and you don't need logging or better working buttons, you can probably stick with 0.1.4, no important file format changes have occured since then, I don't think.

Posted by Dave Fancella 2005-02-03

New release of pyAlarm 0.1.5

Big release, I guess. New logo in About dialog. Preferences dialog, some under-the-hood changes. Windows users: you *must* uninstall completely your old pyAlarm, or else the new one will not work.

Posted by Dave Fancella 2005-01-02

New release for Windows, 0.1.3 ALPHA

This is an alpha release of a windows build. It includes numerous changes from the 0.1.2 branch, most noteably sturdier plugin loading, sturdier plugins, a working Audiere plugin, and XML formatted alarm data files.

More changes are coming and another release is on the way, I just wanted to put up the Windows version while I had it.

Posted by Dave Fancella 2004-11-17

New release 0.1.0 with plugins

pyAlarm just got some significant improvements. Now it supports basic plugins. Still needs a bit of work, of course, what doesn't? Sorry, but now you have to download two packages. Download the base program and the plugin package, install the base program *first*, then install the plugins. If you download the source tarball, you get it all at once, so just run setup.py from the root, and then cd to plugins and run setup.py there.

Posted by Dave Fancella 2004-11-14

New release 0.0.3

Ok, it was really annoying me that I had to keep creating a new playlist and new alarms because of some outstanding bugs. So I fixed them. Much more useable now. Sorry about that.

Posted by Dave Fancella 2004-11-11

First stable release

pyAlarm has reached its first stable release. Hurray! Everything in the UI works, now. Maybe not well, but works. At least, I'm pretty sure it all works. There may be a few bugs, I suppose. It's reliable enough for production use, though, so you should be able to use it and reliably expect it to go off when you tell it.

Posted by Dave Fancella 2004-09-17