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Py-PF-0.0.7 released!

Updated to OpenBSD 5.0 and now supporting divert-* options and the collection of per-interface statistics!

Posted by Daniele Mazzocchio 2011-11-22

Py-PF-0.0.6 released!

The new release of py-PF now supports packet queueing with ALTQ!

Posted by Daniele Mazzocchio 2011-07-09

Py-PF-0.0.5 released!

The new version of py-PF has finally been released! It is now updated to OpenBSD 4.8 and includes all the major changes in Packet Filter, such as the introduction of 'match' rules and the removal of 'nat, 'rdr', 'binat' ... rules.

Posted by Daniele Mazzocchio 2011-01-19

py-PF-0.0.4 released!

py-PF-0.0.4 has just been released! It has been updated to OpenBSD-current and features a much improved address tables handling!

Posted by Daniele Mazzocchio 2009-07-26

py-PF-0.0.3 released!

py-PF is a pure-Python module that allows you to manage OpenBSD's Packet Filter from Python scripts.
The new release, introduces the ability to handle address tables, new classes adding more flexibility in managing addresses and a re-written PFState class in sync with OpenBSD 4.4.
The other features (starting and stopping PF, retrieving the current ruleset, loading and removing rules, nesting rulesets with anchors, managing address tables, configuring Packet Filter's runtime options, retrieving the internal packet filter statistics and counters) have been largely re-written and many bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Daniele Mazzocchio 2009-03-26

Py-PF-0.0.1 released!

This is just a pre-alpha release: lots of features are still missing and many bugs need to be fixed. Anyway, I hope that someone might find it useful and provide me with feedback and suggestions.

Posted by Daniele Mazzocchio 2008-04-26