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Important - installation problems

If you've having problems with the installer, then please manually download and install the .NET framework redistributable from
then run the PxPaint installer again.
It seems PxPaint's installer no longer correctly downloads the redistributable for you automatically, but instead just gives some kind of cryptic error message.
Once I get a chance to look into this fully I'll post an updated installer.

Posted by Richard Munn 2004-12-06

Phoenix Paint progress build 26-09-04 released

Phoenix Paint is an attempt to reproduce functionality and feel of the old Amiga paint programs "Deluxe Paint" and "Personal Paint" in a modern modular C# environment.

In other words it's a DPaint clone for Windows.

It's currently in very early stages, but with the current progress build release, it is rapidly approaching a stage when it'll actually be usable.

Currently it's missing many core features, such as file I/O and the ability to work with custom brushes (probably DPaint's best feature!) but user feedback on the current working drawing tools and features would be greatly appreciated (especially from artists with experience of working with Deluxe Paint.)... read more

Posted by Richard Munn 2004-09-27