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pWord Updated

New version of pWord has been updated for use on Windows 7. Currenlty tested only on x64 Windows 7 machine. New version contains added features and increased functionality. Several problems with previous version have been fixed. The auto hide feature does not work on windows xp x86/32bit, but works fine on Windows 7 x64. Operations have been added to the context menu, and registry is now working for auto saving files.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2011-01-03

pWord .NET 2.0 Enhanced UI

pWord is now completely reliant on the .NET 2.0 runtime. It has been testing on Win XP pro and home editions.
The UI has been enhanced toremembers where it last saved a file using registry entries. It provides better exception handling. The behavior has been enhanced to give the user better control of information, selection, and connecting to scripts, links, or executables.
Encryption is being added to protect passwords, or sensitive informaiton added to pWord. Planning on using DES for this.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2006-04-24

pWord 0.0.L with SETUP

pWord is perfect for storing and using passwords in a slick interface. A new setup utility has been added for x86 users. Written in c# .net 2.0.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2006-04-15

pWord Alpha 0.0.5L released

Double click functionality added for auto opening a site, or performing command. Drag and Drop functionality works for usernames and password values.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2006-01-17

pWord now has XML/HTML export capability

pWord now has XML/HTML export capability with a new preview button. Whenever you hit the preview button it autosaves and views the latest changes you have made to your xml or html.

With the new export features, you can now save the entire document as an html file, or individual nodes on the treeview. This can greatly reduce time spent on remote sites copying xml files or html files on remote sites or if you use a VPN.... read more

Posted by Cyberlizer 2006-01-06

pWord becomes very useful

Suddenly with the latest release of pWord, the application has become suddenly useful. You now have the power and control of collecting data, and saving data in the format you want. It's easier than ever before to save information fluidly and decisively with pWord.
The ability to export pWord into XML or HTML allows for you to create webpages from pWord. It enhances your ability to create structured data, and move items around quickly and logically.... read more

Posted by Cyberlizer 2006-01-01

XML Export and TreeNode move added

Two great features have been added to pWord. Simple XML functionality to move treenodes and copy them as many time as you see fit.

pWord now has the ability to help developers generate complex websites with a specific template, and copy the template into their design with plug in percision.

pWord is well become a tool to be recogned with, and it's only at the Alpha stage.

Plans are to add encryption, and an XML/Html Import function in the future.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-29

pWord enhanced UI

pWord now comes with an enhanced User Interface. This allows for better use during remote sessions for savign information in a treeview. Also added the textboxes and button for adding data to the treeview. If you want to add to a node, just right click the node and select "Add to" which will now add to the node.

pWord has still allows you to save and open your work to a file. Still working out the details for the type of file pword will use, or whether it will be integrated into the users local directory structure which will get things private.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-27

Web Page Design Started

Pword's web page design has just been started. The goal of the webpage is make pWord look and feel attractive to first time viewers. Right now, pWord has no web page to speak of. A web page will make more people see pWord for the first time as a viable project.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-20

pWord begins Encryption cycle

pkword is moving forward to encryption. The techniques of encryption will include a special icon to show that the item has a lock on it, or a protection on it. And the encryption mechanism will be enabled through the context menu. Currently in pWord 0.0.5a and below there is no encryption capability. That will begin to change with pWord 0.0.6 with the a localized encryption.

Decryption will allow the user to enable decryption. However, it will not change the scrambled letters in the the value, instead, when a copy or paste is applied... it will already be decrypted since decryption was enabled.... read more

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-20

pWord alpha 0.0.5 release

Cleaned up some software glitches from alpha 0.0.4. Mainly the Docking wasn't enabled when the user moved the form, and then set up the autohide feature.

The greatest feature added, and the coolest is the linking option. By right clicking a node in the treeview, you can now select "Open Link". This will take you to the page listed. Just make sure it is a website first and not arbitrary data for something else. You can determine quickly is a name contains a link by looking in the value section at the bottom of the pWord application.... read more

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-18

pWord Alpha 0.0.4 public download

pWord is in alpha still, but is ready for another public download. Many features have been refined. And among those features, a way to save information specifically for each use you have for it.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-18

Multiple Treeview Control

Now a Multiple TreeView Control allows for access many different paradigms for tracking information that you need quick and painless access. With the use of the auto hide feature, advanced users can quickly apply patches, save and utilize information for logging into a system, and researching and resolving problems.

What makes pWord especially useful is the fact that it utilitizes the top view. When auto hide mode is activated, this feature becomes self evident when working in a remote session. As you move your mouse to the left edge of the screen, the pWord utility will pop into existence for your adminstrative tasks. Saving passwords, organizing information hierarchically.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-18

Recruiting Beta Testers

pWord is now in the process of recruiting beta testers. Skills needed are in each of the windows environment. .net 1.1 will be required to test this software. I've tried the software on Windows 2000, and Windows XP so far. I would like to try the software on as many servers as possible.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-15

pWord has release alpha 0.0.3 with marginal success

pWord has released alpha 0.0.3, and has had very limited success with downloads. Plans are being drawn up to enhance the user interface, and compete more with other password managers that are out and about.

The main idea is to present the user with a can't live without user interface. To that end, a password save and encrypt feature will be build into the app.

Although the application is running and working, it still has a lot of milling time ahead of it to refine and enhance it's features.... read more

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-14

pWord considers going beta

pWord is going to go beta within a months time. Before it will go beta, it will have to iron out the user interface. In addition, some bugs have to be worked out, and the functionality has to be increased especially regards users configuration and autosaving and autoloading features.

In addition to values in the treeview, plans are now being developed to create a view window for viewing the contents in the treeview. This will be optionally displayed based on user preferences.

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-14

pWord releases alpha 0.0.2

pWord is now integrated with CVS. The Admin is currently searching for new developers with experience in interopservices, and using dllimport. Feel free to download a copy as it has entered the second phase of development.
New features include drag and drop, adding new items to the treeview have been improved, and adding a save and load feature to save passwords.
Currently, the password lists are not secure, and require the user to safely store the information in a safe place. However, the information is stored in binary, so it would make reading the list very difficult if they did get hold of the file.
To help increase functionality, a delete feature has been installed in the context menu. Now you can delete a node, and add a new node where you prefer.... read more

Posted by Cyberlizer 2005-12-10

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