#1 relieve two HTTP connection limit in MS IE


MS IE has a default limit of two HTTP connections.
Since Pushlets require an open connection all
connections are taken when running two Pushlet-clients
(DHTML or Java applets). A third client will block
until one of the first two is stopped. Although the
two-connection limit is configurable in the Win
registry this is not an optimal solution. One solution
proposed is to multiplex pushlet subscriptions over a
single connection and demultiplexing them (ie
dispatching the Events) locally. When using DHTML a
single "master" (I)FRAME may receive all Events and
dispatch these to other (I)FRAMES. When using applets,
a single applet may serve as the "master", dispatching
Events to other applets using inter-applet
communication. The latter solution has been
successfully applied in a commercial application at
www.rabotreasuryweb.com (the code is not in the PD though).
Several new enhancements are required: multi-subject
subscription, possibly dynamic and local dispatching
(DHTML and applets). Note that this is really a new
feature and not a bug One could say the bug is in IE,
but submitting a bug-report to MS may not be effective


  • Just van den Broecke

    • summary: two HTTP connection limit in MS IE --> relieve two HTTP connection limit in MS IE
  • Just van den Broecke

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