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PureUserAdmin and the future (there is none for it sadly)

As we are no longer using this product (we stopped using it years ago actually) we will also stop spending time on it. Your best bet is to go with the forked https://github.com/palepurple/pureftp-user-admin, although that one also got its last update 3 years ago.

If someone is willing to fix the security issues, and make it work again, be my guest.

Have fun with the code there is.

Posted by Michiel van Baak 2013-04-18

PureUserAdmin 0.2.0 Release

This release is a complete rewrite.
PHP4 support has been dropped. The whole system resides in a Class now.
The class is well documented. There's also a webbased doc.

Posted by Michiel van Baak 2004-10-03

PureUserAdmin 0.1.0 released

PureUserAdmin is a webbased user managment tool for virtual users in the Pure-FTPd server.

This release contains a new search function in the userlist.
When there are more results then a setting there will be a next/previous page function in the userlist so no more long loading times.

Both full source and diff are uploaded to sourceforge
You can download them from:

Posted by Michiel van Baak 2004-07-06

PureUserAdmin 0.0.4

This release adds the ability to notify new/modified users by email.
It also comes with a new default page which shows the current settings.
I got a release script from a friend. I edited it to reflect my filesystem and CVS structure. That's why there's also a 0.0.3 release.
With this new script I am able to generate patch files for every release. Enjoy !

Posted by Michiel van Baak 2004-06-13

PureUserAdmin 0.0.2

PureUserAdmin released version 0.0.2
New in this release:
* added check for homedir rights
* changed look

Posted by Michiel van Baak 2004-06-10

PureUserAdmin ver 0.0.1

Initial release of PureUserAdmin.
Both a tarball and the CVS are there.

Posted by Michiel van Baak 2004-06-05