#1149 memory leak in libpd_openfile


Hello, I am making an iOS app with libpd 0.43.4. My app is basically a copy of the SlidePad iOS app and this "openPatchesNamed" method is lifted straight from the sample:

- (void)openPatchesNamed: (NSString *)name path: (NSString *)path instances: (int)numInstances
  self.patchName = name;
  for (int i = 0; i < numInstances; i++)
    [self.patches addObject: [PdFile openFileNamed: name path: path]];

When I run the app in Apple's Instruments I see many memory leaks in libpd_openfile and libpd_close file. I've attached two screen shots which show these leaks.

For closefile, glist_delete makes calls to rtext_new which allocates memory which is never freed.

I have not debugged the openfile leak but the screen shot shows the stack trace.

My environment os OSX 10.9.3, xcode 5.1.1, on a MacBookPro


Allan Hoeltje

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  • Rich E

    Rich E - 2014-07-02

    From the attached images, the leak appears to be coming deep from the internals of binbuf_evalfile, pd core's entrypoint to opening / reading a pd patch. If that's the case, it would be a pd core bug, not libpd.

    Its probably worth running pd (built in debug mode with symbols) in Xcode instruments and opening the same patch, to see if the same leak occurs.



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