#2 syncronization


is it possible to still syncronize the black list??


  • pascal martin

    pascal martin - 2002-05-06

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    Well it seems that it's not possible. It cause an "invalid
    password" error on my system.
    Probably that the author have closed the original site
    because of jumping to open source. It's quite normal.

  • Sam Tuccio

    Sam Tuccio - 2002-06-24

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    Hello Nobody,
    I've been using PUK v 1.45.4 for a month, now. I still recieve
    the notification "Not able to syncronize, yet." Hang in there,
    though. Continue to keep of your own Black and Exclusion
    lists. Someone will eventually take the bull-by-the-horns and
    coordinate a magnico listing for continuating synchronization.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    jeudi 1 aout 2002 pm 4:30

    I use "Popup Killer", but I have a problem to use
    synchronization. - when I Enable this option in front
    of: "Upload my PopUp'S", one box of dialogue opens with
    a "I" like icone and says to me:
    > possible Uploading your black list is not right now due to
    problems with our server.
    > You may select to download the popups listed one our
    server though

    - If I clic on the button "Proxy Setup" I do not know same
    step if I must I Enable this option "Uses has Proxy Serveur"
    because I do not know what one needs write in "Adress"
    and "Port", been given that I use the Cable, and not
    Telephone with modem. Please, while having that the cable,
    that do I have to enter in "Adress" and in "Port" so that
    synchronization start?
    Thank you to answer me
    Babeth of France

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Let's bring back syncronization! :-)

    It was the greatest thing!


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