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Bugfix for RunTo after StepOver

Command RunTo after a sequence of StepOver commands doesn't work correctly.
Although the problem is not crucial I implemented a bugfix for that and integrated it into version 1.234.
I hope the problem is solved.

Posted by Mmarazzi 2016-03-30

New Release 1.234

We are proud to announce the new release 1.234.
It contains many upgraded functions, a couple of changes due to Tk 804.033 resp. Perl 5.022 and bugfixes for known minor problems.
For details see the file changes.txt in the folder ./1.234

Posted by Mmarazzi 2016-03-22

Breakpoint page does not work correctly using Tk 804.033

The breakpoint page is not refreshed correctly after setting or clearing a breakpoint. The problem is limited to the display of the breakpoint list and does not affect the breakpoint processing itself. Nevertheless, the debugging session gets a little bit confused. This malfunction is due to the changed behaviour of the megawidget Tk::Table. Unlike previous versions this class in Tk 804.033 uses an index of rows and cols starting at [0,0]. This leads to the problem in the method ptkdb::refreshBrkptPage which works with indices starting at [1,1].
If you run into this problem using ptkdb please do the following:
- check if you are using Tk 804.033
- download and install ptkdb 1.233 from this location
- open module with a source editor
- select, copy and paste the code below to replace method 'refreshBrkptPage' in your module
- save the module and start a debugging session using the updated ptkdb. Set and clear some breakpoints. Check whether the checkpoints are displayed correctly in the breakpoint table.... read more

Posted by Mmarazzi 2016-03-08

New release 1.233

We are happy to announce the release 1.233 of ptkdb.
There are enhancements and bugfixes.
See the text file of the folder ptkdb/1.233 .

Posted by Mmarazzi 2013-11-11

ptkdb 1.232 released

We are happy to announce the release 1.232 of ptkdb.
There are new functionalities, enhancements and bugfixes.
See the text file of the folder ptkdb/1.232 .

Posted by Svetoslav Marinov 2007-03-14