#4 Add integer division and modulo support.


I added integer division and modulo support to
pintobject.c. I did not attempt to emit machine code,
but rather just added a c-implementation for each in
the spirit of pfloatobject.
This results in the prime-sieve program posted a week
or so ago running twice as fast, essentially at the
same speed reported for pyrex.
The resulting code passes the same number of tests in
test_regr.py as stock psyco (both fail 5 and skip 25 on
WinXp python 2.2.2)



  • Tim Hochberg

    Tim Hochberg - 2003-06-24

    cvsdif for adding div/mod to pintobject.c

  • Armin Rigo

    Armin Rigo - 2004-01-14

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry, I lost sight of this patch, which I didn't apply
    immediately because I thought it wouldn't be too hard to
    complete it with full machine code emission.

    Checked in (without code emission).

  • Armin Rigo

    Armin Rigo - 2004-01-14
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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