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HLPSE, libetc.lib

Major updates and new releases.

Posted by - 2003-05-28

TimTool 1.0

If you are interested in easy usefull TIM2 image management tool, you might want to check


Posted by - 2003-05-05


You might already notice that - ORG & e}|{ are working on GameBoy emulator and it's already very nice. It doesn't currently emulate GameBoy Color, but all other major non-color games (like zelda, mario and metroid) are perfectly emulated. There's even super-cool LCD-shade effect! Try it out, it's available for Win32.

Posted by - 2003-05-05

openLIBETC 1.0alpha

We've finally released openLIBETC 1.0alpha which is opensource replacement for libetc.lib used in PsyQ 4.x.

Posted by - 2003-01-06

HLPSE 0.02

ORG sent me a new release of HLPSE on New Year's eve. He said that new release is missing only a few opcodes and a GTE core. He succeeded in starting Tekken 3 and loading textures to memory. And yes, "NAMCO PRESENT" is there! file already (02.12.31) has 134 entries and 7 dummy entries specifically for Tekken 3.

Let's see how fast we'll achieve some really cool result!

Posted by - 2003-01-03

HLPSD 0.01

We are proud to present first release of HLPSD 0.01, HighLevel PlayStation Disassembler. Currently it features Syntetic instructions support and creation of full map of EXE file (plus deletes all useless labels). We are planning to implement Autorecognition and autoreplacement of library calls (like replacement of 80067020 with ResetCallback), Code navigation using hyperlinks (like in internet browser), GTE support, GOTO address command for interface, Interface improvements. 0.02 version is coming along nicely and we've already researched more than 120 library calls!

Posted by - 2003-01-03

New forum

Our official forum has moved to new location.

It should be somewhere around here:

Posted by - 2002-12-26

New releases

I'm happy to report that I've finally managed to upload latest binary and source releases for HLPStEst 1.0 and TIMGRAB 1.0. I wasn't able to upload HLPSD since stupid cutted my email into pieces since it overflowed Inbox. I'll upload HLPSD 0.01 and probably HLPSE 0.01 at monday.

Posted by - 2002-12-21


Due to my stupidness I forgot to switch off email client which automatically checks and gets mail off server each ten minutes. I sent all the releases featuring:

HLPStEst (HighLevel PlayStation tEst emulator) 1.0
HLPSD (HighLevel PlayStation DisAssembler) 0.01
TIMGRAB (PSX Image Ripper) 1.0

to myself but email client probably took them off and I can't get them from here :(

Posted by - 2002-12-20