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PHP4Delphi 7.2 released

Yes, the project was closed, but I received I lot of requests regarding compatibility with Unicode Delphi versions (Delphi 2009 - Delphi 2010) and PHP 5.3.0
Finally I decided to renew PHP4Delphi development and make it compatible with modern word :)

More details on

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2009-10-28

PHP4Delphi project is closed

Dear friends,

I announce the end of PHP4Delphi development support. The project will stay free and open source as it was before, but I discontinued any future development and support of this product.

Thank you for supporting my efforts during almost 7 years


Serhiy Perevoznyk

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2009-05-10

PHP4Delphi 7.0 released

PHP4Delphi 7.0 released.
This is a very special edition, because PHP4Delphi project is 5 years old now.
Changes in this version:
* Compatible with Delphi 2007
* Compatible with PHP 5.2.1
* Compatible with PHP 4.4.6
* Thread safe TpsvPHP component
* New component TPHPEngine introduced
* RunCode method reimplemented to solve "black horror" of pipes.
* Not fully compatible with previous version due to multithreading, but migration is easy.... read more

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2007-08-05

php4Delphi and "Delphi for PHP"

php4Delphi component is used by Borland in "Delphi for PHP"

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2007-04-26

PHP4Delphi 6.2.2 released

PHP4Delphi 6.2.2 released. This is minor release, solved some problems with PHP 5.2.0

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2007-01-03

PHP4Delphi 6.2.1 released

PHP4Delphi 6.2.1 released. This is minor release, added support for PHP 5.2.0

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2006-12-14

PHP4Delphi 6.2 released

* Compatible with Delphi 2006
* Compatible with PHP 5.1.1
* Compatible with PHP 5.1.2
* Code reorganized, some crap was removed
* Added headers support (Michael Maroszek)
* New demo projects
* PHP4Applications revisited

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2006-02-27

PHP4Delphi 6.1 released

PHP4Delphi 6.1 is released and available for download.
After almost one year inactivity PHP4Delphi projects works again.

This version works with Delphi 5-2005 and PHP 4- 5.1

Thank you all for help and support.

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2005-09-02

PHP4Delphi project is closed

I regret to say that due to some private reasons I have to stop development of PHP4Delphi.

If somebody wants to take over this project, send me e-mail, please.

Otherwise it will stay in read-only mode from now.

Serhiy Perevoznyk

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2005-04-05

PHP4Delphi 6.0 released

* Translated Zend II API
* New PHP Object Model support
* PHP classes support for PHP4 and PHP5
* New demo projects
* TPHPClass component compatible with PHP4 and PHP5
* Added new property DLLFolder to psvPHP component
* New component PHPSystemLibrary

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2004-10-27

php4Delphi 5.5 update 1

* New property RegisterGlobals (boolean) added to psvPHP component
* New property MaxExecutionTime (integer) added to psvPHP component - Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds
* New property MaxInputTime (integer) added to psvPHP component - Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request data
* New property SafeMode (boolean) added to psvPHP component
* New property SafeModeGid (boolean) added to psvPHP component - When safe_mode is on, UID/GID checks are bypassed when
including files from this directory and its subdirectories. (directory must also be in include_path or full path must
be used when including)
* Memory leak fixed in phpModules unit
* php_class demo project errors fixed
* psvPHP can load now PHP modules using dl() function... read more

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2004-05-26

PHP4Delphi 5.5 released

* New component TPHPClass added (only for PHP 4)
* Added support of PHP 5
* Improved speed of unloading of the PHP extensions under Apache
* Decreased size of the compiled modules (based on API only and developed using Visual FrameWork)
* ZendAPI unit is splitted to ZendAPI and ZendTypes units
* PHPAPI unit is splitted to PHPAPI and PHPTypes units
* New version of php4App - php4Applications subproject.
php4Applications allows to use php scripts in VB, C, C++, etc applications.
Demo projects for Delphi, VC and MS Word included.
* New property UseDelimiters added to TpsvPHP component. If UseDelimiters = true (by default) the
syntax of RunCode method parameter ACode should include standard script delimiters "<?" and "?>"
to make RunCode and Execute method compatible.
* New parameters for OnScriptError event (error type, file name and line number)

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2004-05-05

PHP4Delphi 5.4 released

This time I tried to fix all known bugs and make php4Delphi more stable.

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2004-01-29

PHP4Delphi 5.3 released

* Added possibility to access published property of Delphi components from PHP
* Fixed problem with loading of PHP extension compiled wihout PHP4DELPHI_AUTOLOAD

* Added dynamic attachement of all exported functions from php4ts.dll
in PHPAPI.pas
* New function for safe dynamic functions linking PHPStubInit and ZendStubInit
This functions can be used if you are planning to work with beta-version of PHP,
for example
* New unit zend_dynamic_array.pas
* New unit logos.pas

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2003-12-02

PHP4Delphi 5.0 released

PHP4Delphi 5.0 is a Visual Development Framework for creating custom PHP Extensions using Delphi.

PHP4Delphi also allows executing the PHP scripts within the Delphi program directly from file or memory. You can read and write global PHP variables and set the result value.
PHP4Delphi allows you to embed the PHP interpreter into your Delphi application so you can extend and customize the application without having to recompile it.... read more

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2003-09-11

New release of jvDialogs

jvDialogs (former psvDialogs Library) contains components based on undocumented Windows functions.
jvDialogs is now a part of JEDI VCL



Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2002-05-21

psvFastWeb package released

psvFastWeb Library v.1.0 for Delphi 5-6 released.
psvFastWeb is a set of components for developing Web server applications and extend the functionality and capability of existing Web servers. This package contains an improved version of PageProducer, set of Data-aware producers and ControlProducer.

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2002-04-16

New release of psvLib

New release of psvlib contains 2 packages: psvDialogs Library and psvLabels Library for Delphi 5 and Delphi 6

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2002-04-04

psvLib version 0.1 available

First release of psvLib components available for download

Posted by Serhiy Perevoznyk 2002-03-22

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