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Particle Swarm (PSO) Toolbox / News: Recent posts

Regarding Bug Reporting

If you find any bug in PSO toolbox, please report it using the bug reporting feature available at https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=82946&atid=567789. It can also be accessed by clicking on the "Bugs" link PSO Toolbox's sourceforge page - https://sourceforge.net/projects/psotoolbox/.

This would ensure that the bug is reported to us quickly and would also allow us to keep a track of all the bugs found in the system.

Posted by Jagatpreet Singh 2004-05-30

First BETA Release along with Bug Fixes

The new beta release of PSO Toolbox features the bug fixes reported at PSO Swarm Central by Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos. Please update your PSO toolboxes.

Posted by Jagatpreet Singh 2004-05-30

Second Alpha is out

The second alpha, with changes to RunExp.m has been uploaded. Now Matlab can automatically exit and shutdown the computer at the end of experiments.

Posted by Jagatpreet Singh 2003-07-14

Site Updated

The PSO TOOLBOX website has been updated. Direct download links are available from the website itself. You can access the website at http://psotoolbox.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jagatpreet Singh 2003-07-12

First Alpha release.

The alpha-0.1 release of psoToolbox is available as a collection of Matlab (.m) files.

Posted by Jagatpreet Singh 2003-07-10

Thank you SourceForge

I wanna thank the sourceforge crew for accepting our project - The PSO Toolbox - to be hosted on their server. Please stay connected as I will upload the necessary files soon.

Posted by Jagatpreet Singh 2003-06-11