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Kephra 0.4

Now that Kephra 0.4 is released, PCE 0.3 is outdated and this site slowly shut down. PCE was a time part of me and its not that easy to let go even dunno if its right? but rest in peace. you served well as intermediate name coming from the the about box of the editor i supposed to make the successor. But PCE is already a commercial Perl Editor and Kephra is also a bit more personal and original.

here the original news message:... read more

Posted by herbert breunung 2008-12-07

PCE renamed to Kephra

As you see on out Website in Detail, we finally changed our name. Please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/kephra/ for new stuff.


Posted by herbert breunung 2007-12-04

Stable Release 0.3 is out

PCE is becoming a small solid Text Editor which I suddenly use myself to code my Perl things. Biggest new features

since 0.2.3 autoindention, bracelight, new icon set

since: 0.2
- find in files,
- file sessions,
- interactive statusbar,
- file save dialog when quite

PCE(not final name) is aimed to be and be a perlish editor that approve freedom, individuality and feature richness the minimalistic way. the project still young but editor is usefull. try it.

Posted by herbert breunung 2005-10-22


news you can find in your prefered language at the hompage

Posted by herbert breunung 2003-10-25