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Website overhaul

We've picked up our on DNS address thanks to Hinoserm, and have put it to use on a server hosted by Alynna.

There we have redone our website, making one that is generated and hosted 100% by ProtoMUCK itself.

to see the site in development. The latest downloads are available there, sometimes even a little bit before becoming available on this site.

There are also a number of useful links and tools to be found on that page, including a system for searching help files, doing test MUF programs. And there is even more content on the way. ... read more

Posted by R Taylor 2003-09-10

Proto 1.80 Released

At long last, Proto 1.80 is released and ready for download.

As usual, there is the Upgrade kit for sites that are already running on a Proto1.7x site, and the full download, that contains the entire setup.

With this release out of the way, we're now beginning work on Proto2, which will be a significant overhaul of the MUCK code itself, both internally, and in terms of how flexible, powerful, and secure it will be. ... read more

Posted by R Taylor 2003-04-06

MUF Repository Open

I've put together an online MUF Repository for all MUCK coders to access and take advantage of if they would like.

Simply visit:

to see what I'm talking about. Read the Help page for details on what I have in mind for the repository. It is open to all MUF coders, regardless of platform. If you would like to have an account in the repository, simply see the instructions located on the Help page. ... read more

Posted by R Taylor 2003-01-21

MUF Based Webserver Beta Testing

The MUF Webserver is ready for beta testing. It has been added as a download package on the main site.

It is currently a beta version, and also requires a beta version of ProtoMUCK ( 1.80b2 or newer ) in order to function, so is not intended for sites that are not interested in engaging in beta testing. ^_^

Once Proto 1.80 gets released, the beta testing for the webserver should be finished as well. ... read more

Posted by R Taylor 2002-10-02

1.80 Progress Report

1.80 is moving along a lot faster than I had expected. Right now I'm between college and work, so I've had a little time to plug away at it. :)

Just to update on what's done so far:
MySQL is now fully supported by MUF, including opening connections, sending queries, etc. This is a new compile time option.

I made the file prims a compile time option so that those who are not comfortable with having them in there can leave them out all together. Also, p_file.c tends to error out a lot when compiling on BSD variants. Having the option to leave it out will help some people compile.... read more

Posted by R Taylor 2002-08-16

WinProto 1.75 Released

The version of WinProto to correspond with the current distribution of ProtoMUCK has been released. I updated the file a day or two ago with the most current .dll to go along with it to resolve some problems people were having with older versions of the .dll.


Posted by R Taylor 2002-05-29

ProtoMUCK 1.75 Released

Version 1.75 of ProtoMUCK was released tonight. Meant to have this out late April, but there were a few last minute bugs I wanted to get fixed for this version. Note that WinProto 1.75 was not released at the same time, but will be along as soon as Alynna has time to package it together.

As always, 1.75 brings with it increased stability and flexibility. There are a number of new prims to give the advanced programmers some more power to work with, a few rare crashers were caught and removed, and some more catching up with FB6 was done. ... read more

Posted by R Taylor 2002-05-20

1.75 in testing

I'm running the intended release version of 1.75 on Phoenix right now. If everything holds up fine for the week, I'll release it as Proto1.75, and work on the new stuff in 1.80 can get started. ^.^


Posted by R Taylor 2002-04-23

ProtoMUCK 1.70 Released

Sorry about the long delay in getting this version of ProtoMUCK finished. We had a lot of goals in mind for it, and it took some time to get them all implemented and tested to our satisfaction. ^_^ But for your wait, this should be a really powerful upgrade to your existing ProtoMUCK sites as well as lend additional stability and security over previous versions.

This version of ProtoMUCK is full of new and interesting tools for programmers and admin both. Here are a few that may be of interest:... read more

Posted by R Taylor 2001-11-11

Proto 1.70 Status

Just about finished with the changes slated for Proto 1.70. Most of them deal with stability enhancement, better @logincommand and MUF port support, a couple new prims, and no more memory leaks as well as some new compilier directives.

We're up to Beta 7 in the CVS tree, and it is pretty close to what the version that will be released excepting the compilier directives.

So far scheduled for Proto 1.80 are:
The socket prims redesign that we've been talking about for a long while.
Possibly the webserver improvements to get it closer to HTTPd1.1 compatability.
And the changing of various connection related flags (Like PUEBLO and HTML) over to descriptor flags instead of player flags. ... read more

Posted by R Taylor 2001-07-29

Work on Version 1.7 Begun

Work has started on Proto 1.7. There's a ton of major changes planned for this version, as usual. :) Including an overhaul of the webserver, a new set of socket prims that will be faster, improved @ports behavior, a descriptor happy read prim, and more...

A semi-current list of changes in progress will be available at


Posted by R Taylor 2001-05-07

ProtoMUCK ver 1.61 Released

This is an update to Proto1.60. It has a few minor bug fixes, and a couple corrections to the documentation included. There's even a few minor new features. Check the changes notes for details.
If you have already upgraded to proto1.60, then the upgrade kit for 1.61 will help you switch to 1.61 just like before.


Posted by R Taylor 2001-04-13

ProtoMUCK ver 1.60 released

Guess what? ProtoMUCK 1.60 is finally released. It has plenty of new additions, including multiple port support, tidle ansi support, try-catch error catching, and much, much more. I would highly recommend upgrading though, as we chose to release now because of many fixed to memory leaks. Also, we should have the link to MUF programs opening up soon.
Although, ProtoNet itself is still being delayed. For full details on why, please refer to the archives for the mailing list. You can find the mailing list through the main page at:
Please add yourself to the list if you are not there, then you can add some spam to any Proto discussion. Toss out ideas, quirks, whatever. The more discussion on there, the more it may get us thinking about more ideas with Proto-related stuff. Also, all releases are announced there in full detail. :)
Another thing on the new ProtoMUCK release though. We managed to also package together an upgrade kit, mostly for those that are on the older versions of Proto. Just download it and it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out.

Posted by Chris Brine 2001-04-08

Recent Developments

Shortly after the release of Proto 1.5, we got started right into working on the next version. It is tentatively labeled Proto 1.6, though that may change due to the major number of changes being made in this next version. Much like the previous versions, 1.6 promises greater flexability while maintaining stability and security. As things look, this next release will likely be the last release of ProtoMUCK for some time as we are currently looking into other possible projects as well.
A fairly recent list of the changes thus far in 1.6 can be found at:
Suggestions for the next version can be left with us via our new joint email address at:
We also have a new mailing list seperate from the sourceforge. See our main page at: for details on joining it.
And finally, we have started development on ProtoNet. It was up and running for a short while when we were running on a modified version of the old NeoNet C code, but has been down recently as we are working on converting to a fully MUF driven version of ProtoNet. Those interested in joining ProtoNet should contact us at: read more

Posted by R Taylor 2001-02-14

ProtoMUCK ver 1.50 released

01/05/2001 - Four months of hard work have finally paid off. Sorry about the late release, but it could not be avoided. Anyways, ProtoMUCK version 1.50 is finally released with, perhaps, the most original additions yet. Oddly enough though, v1.50 is probably the most stable version released yet. Probably because we took the time to test it. Anyways, feel free to grab it.

Posted by Chris Brine 2001-01-05

WinProto1.012 Release

This is the first release of WinProto on the sourceforge site itself. Some may have grabbed WinProto1.00 from the homepage beforehand, however.
WinProto is expected to be as stable if not more so than WinNeon, but no guarentees are made or implied as to this effect. We are merely releasing WinProto for those who want to give it a try, but it is not the way any of the ProtoMUCK developors or Admin recommend running a MUCK.
In other news, Proto1.50 is nearing release status. Documentation is being written up, and some final tests are being run on the changes. A fairly current list of changes in 1.5 can be found at:
Note that WinProto is NOT supported by the makers of ProtoMUCK. It is simply made available for those who wish to take a chance on running a MUCK on a Windows server. It has been used on a couple of non-public MUCKs and been found to be stable, and there are no obvious problems with it, but none of the ProtoMUCK developers or Admin will guarentee it to be safe, reliable, or stable. Nor will we be aknowleding bug reports about WinProto at this time, so PLEASE do not submit them to us. Please do not contact us regarding Tech Support questions regarding WinProto. If you decide to download it and put it to use, it is assumed you know what you are doing well enough to handle it.

Posted by R Taylor 2000-12-06

Proto1.5 in final testing

ProtoMUCK 1.5 is nearing its final testing before release. The complete 1.5 package is expected to be released during the middle of the upcoming week. For the time being, a file containing most of the changes one will find in moving from Proto1.01x -> Proto1.5 can be found at: 8881 is a MUCK currently running on the pre-release version of Proto1.5.

Posted by R Taylor 2000-11-12

ProtoMUCK v.1.01x line

In order to provide ProtoMUCK users with a stable release, a new line of proto was started with version 1.011. This version has every feature that came with the 1.01 release, except the function headers and the var! prim.
Today, version 1.012 was released, which fixed two unlikely bugs. It is recommended that if you are experiencing any problems with any version of proto that you are already on, then you should switch to 1.012.
Small mucks may run without any hang ups on 1.04, but any place with a higher number of connections should run on 1.012.

Posted by R Taylor 2000-09-12

Project Back in Beta

ProtoMUCK was in release status for awhile, but due to several crashers coming up in different areas of the code, we have dropped back into Beta. Version 1.00 is stable, but a few of the prims may not behave as they should. Version 1.01 introduces problems with descriptors and malloc errors. Versions 1.02 - 1.04 attempt to resolve these, but are unsuccessful in doing so. Smaller mucks, or mucks under construction will do just fine under 1.04, as the bugs in it seem to only come up under heavier use (More than 20 connected on average). Version 1.1 is in progress, and will under go stricter code review before being released.

Posted by R Taylor 2000-09-06

ProtoMUCK v1.04 Released

The Zombie flag wasn't working properly in version 1.03 due to a minor oversight. There was also a malloc crasher that was fixed. It's recommended that everyone upgrade to v1.04. This is likely the last release of the 1.0x line. Version 1.1 is already in progress. -Akari

Posted by R Taylor 2000-08-28

ProtoMUCK ver 1.03 released

8/22/2000 - This marks the true release of the first stable ProtoMUCK (hopefully), which is version 1.03. Of course, Proto is still a young distro so a few immediate bugfix releases should of been expected. This fixed a descriptor problem when online players are @toaded/@frobbed though, and must be upgraded to. Versions 1.01 and 1.02 have the major bug and should be considered as unstable.

Posted by Chris Brine 2000-08-25

ProtoMUCK ver 1.02 released.

8/22/2000 - The release of ProtoMUCK v1.02 is a bugfix release mostly for two widly used prims that were once defs: ++ and -- This release also marks the full removal of MCP, the inclusion of an updated sysparms.txt, and an FB5.xx upgrade script.

Posted by Chris Brine 2000-08-22

ProtoMUCK ver 1.01 released.

8/21/2000 - ProtoMUCK release versions 1.01 put on the website for downloads.
MUF files have also been updated/uploaded as well, and the webpage has been revised. Please read the note on the webpage as well.

Posted by Chris Brine 2000-08-21

ProtoMUCK ver 1.00 released.

7/4/2000 - ProtoMUCK release version 1.00 put on the website for downloads. PhoenixMUCK ( 8881 ) is currently running on this version of Proto. See: to download the source or read over a changes history for ProtoMUCK. Thanks to all those who contributed both code and ideas to make this major step in MUCK server development a possability.

Posted by R Taylor 2000-07-05

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