#12 Getting Prosper to work in Windows



I can make prosper work in Linux at work, but I have
failed to get it to function correctly in windows. It
will generate the dvi & ps file, in potrait mode, but
when I run ps2pdf it fails. It just produces blank
sheets. I am using MikTeX and Winedt.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


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    I am having a similar problem and using the same software (Winedt and MikTeX). The main log entries seem to be
    font queries. I've tried to format tex slide presentations (prosper-tour.tex) that I know work in case I've forgotten
    something in my file, but to no avail. I get a dvi file which is blank in YAP but with the right number of pages they
    are just blank pages. Currently I'm attempting to download more ps fonts via MikTeX Options to see if perhaps I
    just don't have right ones (but I thought that tex would attempt to substitue a font rather than just produce blank

    Any help would be great,

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    Okay, after looking at it for a little bit, I realized that there were two sets of latex, dvips, etc on my system, one in
    my Cygwin directories and then the set in c:/texmf/miktex/bin directories. Winedt suggests to change the batch
    files. Go to the configuration wizard in help, read the section on fixing the path and then follow the instructions on
    the section called fixing the batch files. Use find files and folders to identify the various files you'll need to change,
    I fixed tex, latex, dvips, makeindex, bibtex. This got me further and now my frames are appearing.

    Hope this helps,
    The Second Poster


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