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PROPS is available

PROPS 0.8 final is available for download.

Posted by Geert Eltink 2008-05-19

PROPS 0.8.RC.4 is out

Hopefully this was the last release candidate with some important bug fixes:

- Fixed error in stripslashes from request variables.

- UTF-8 is now FALSE as default. Since older versions of PROPS have html entities in their story content which causes errors with UTF-8.

- Major media search speed improvement by updating the media_xref table structure.

Posted by Geert Eltink 2008-01-09

PROPS 0.8.RC.3 is out

This release contains important bugfixes and new external media handling which results in a major speed improvement.

Posted by Geert Eltink 2007-12-18

PROPS 0.8.RC.2 is out

See the release notes at the download page for changes.

Posted by Geert Eltink 2007-11-21

PROPS 0.7 final is out

This release fixes a couple significant bugs found in 0.7 RC2. Enjoy.

Posted by Derrick Miller 2005-10-24

PROPS 0.7 RC2 is out

Please download, beat it around, and let me know whether it's solid enough to be a final 0.7 release.


Posted by Derrick Miller 2005-08-12

PROPS 0.7 Release Candidate 1 is now available

12 July 2005 - PROPS 0.7 Release Candidate 1 has been released. This contains many changes from the 0.6 series and as such should be approached cautiously. Make backups of your files and database before attempting an upgrade, and test thoroughly before deploying in a production environment. See CHANGELOG.txt or the mailing list for a list of changes

Posted by Derrick Miller 2005-07-12

PROPS 0.6.1 has been released

PROPS 0.6.1 has been released. This release should be relatively stable and is recommended over previous versions for production use.

Here's a list of changes since Release Candidate 4:

12-29-2003 If magic_quotes_gpc is set to Off in php.ini, addslashes() will now be run on all Get/Post/Cookie data. This fixes bug #866373, in which PROPS was choking when stories containing single quotes were added. (dm)... read more

Posted by Derrick Miller 2004-02-17

PROPS 0.6 Release Candidate 4 is out

Hi all,

PROPS 0.6 RC4 is out. I decided to play it safe and issue another RC
because of the number and nature of the changes in this release. Barring
the most unusual of circumstances, this will be the *last* release candidate
before 0.6 final. I could really use everyone's help to test and polish
this one. If you have a spare test machine and a few free minutes, could
you download it and make sure it works OK on your configuration,
particularly in the admin login and photo upload departments? Remember,
until 0.6 final is out, I'm still in bug fix mode. I won't add any new
features until I'm sure the existing ones work correctly.... read more

Posted by Derrick Miller 2003-12-23