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Projectory 2.0 is coming...

The development team is hard at work on the next version of Projectory, which is expected to be completed in late March.

Projectory is the premiere open-source, platform-independent project management solution, used in software development groups worldwide. With the 2.0 release, users will enjoy a number of significant improvements to the application, including:

- 40% increase in the speed and responsiveness of the application... read more

Posted by Corey Ehmke 2004-03-08

Projectory 1.0 Released!

The Projectory development team is proud to announce that after two years of development and extensive beta usage in a rapid software development environment, Projectory 1.0 has been released under the GPL.

Projectory is a platform-independent, web-enabled project management tool designed to track software projects through all phases of development.

Where traditional project management software is primarily useful only for planning and reporting purposes, Projectory lets you track actual development effort expended by teams or individuals across multiple projects and activities. It's easy to configure for small or large software development groups, and its streamlined user interface makes it easy for individuals to enter and manage their work entries.... read more

Posted by Corey Ehmke 2004-02-09

Projectory Status Updates

We're happy to announce that Projectory will be available to the general public by the end of the year.

The Projectory development team is nearly ready to release the first full version of this Perl-based project management application after an extended incubation and beta period. Thanks to all of the end-users who were quick to identify bugs, UI quirks, and which reports were needed but missing.

The Projectory web site is being updated with screen shots and installation instructions. We've still got a lot of documentation to write, but we're well on our way.... read more

Posted by Corey Ehmke 2003-11-15