Brendan Simon - 2012-10-19

My default view for Printing/Preview is to use the ProjectLibre printer and One Big Page. I've found the page scaling changes when I change the paper size (e.g. to A3) and then change it back to One Big Page. I believe the PDF generation works better after using this work around.

My guess is that the preview system remembers some old values and uses that for some calculations. Choosing a different paper size causes new values to be used or calculated and things look better.

e.g. I had all tasks expanded and generated a PDF. I closed PL, reopened the project file, collapsed all tasks at level 3 or greater, selected File/Print/Preview and my selected tasks were there, but had a big lot of empty space to the bottom of the page. I switched paper sizes to A3 then back to OBP and now the page fits to the selected tasks (i.e. no blank space to bottom of page).