#31 Add feature to colour tasks and task groups


I'd like to add a feature request to be able to select colours for tasks, ranges of tasks, so it is easier to see groups or special tasks. The parent tasks should also be able to be coloured. Maybe a background colour highlight could work better, rather than a foreground colour ?? Having the option to set both would be good :) The colour should apply across the spreadsheet and the gantt chart (and/or selectable).


  • Laurent Chretienneau

    The Gantt bars are configurable. Unfortunately there is no user interface to change that for now.
    If you want to change the shape and colors of the bars you can edit com/projity/configuration/views.xml in projeclibre.jar.
    For example for summary tasks:

        <format id="Bar.summary" row="1" layer="1" intervalGenerator="com.projity.pm.graphic.gantt.GanttBarIntervalGenerator"  from="Field.start" to="Field.finish">
            <start shapeName="PENTAGON_DOWN" colorName="BLACK" paintName="SOLID" />
            <middle shapeName="HALF_HEIGHT_TOP" colorName="BLACK" paintName="SOLID"/>
            <end shapeName="PENTAGON_DOWN" colorName="BLACK" paintName="SOLID"/>
    • MOLNÁR Géza

      MOLNÁR Géza - 2012-12-03

      Does this define the format of all the bars?
      As I understand, the idea is that to set different colors (bold, italic etc.) for different tasks. First manually, later by some conditions (e.g. finished, milestones, resource, user flag, due, etc.)
      Then filter may have 2 options: a) only show the filtered rows, b) show the filtered rows in different color (i.e. marked, maybe also selected).
      I'm visual :-)

  • noel_d3

    noel_d3 - 2013-08-27

    Because we never use priorities, colors is the one thing we miss the most about this program.

    Last edit: noel_d3 2013-08-27
  • blackorzar

    blackorzar - 2013-10-10

    I think that changing the color of the task name is good enough for our use cases.
    Another option would be to be able to add a column called color where we can pick the color. That column would save the string colo name (or rgb) so it doesn't make the file unusable in MS Project. This can be an icon if you want to polish it even more.

  • chuck

    chuck - 2013-12-16

    Color coding is also very useful for when you have a separate copy of a project and want to tag lines that need to be applied to the Master project, or discussed with the team. I have seen the color coding used quite frequently on various projects that used MS Project. Some of the other reasons discussed already are valid reasons too.

  • TobboT

    TobboT - 2014-02-03

    +1 Differently colored bars woulkd make complicated charts easier to read. Only changing font color wouldn't be quite enough I think.
    Many thanks for the great work!

  • Nick Faregran

    Nick Faregran - 2015-05-06


    Any option -Font color, task description background, etc.- even keeping blue and red in Gantt, will be an improvement.

    I like the idea of color column.

    Last edit: Nick Faregran 2015-05-06
  • Scott Jennings

    Scott Jennings - 2015-10-20

    At a minimum the option to color rows or columns would be beneficial and helpful. The ability to change bar colors also helps as it can differentiate between Design, Preconstruction and Construction activities.

  • Cristian

    Cristian - 2015-10-22

    I agree with the proposal to let the user to choose a color for any task/activity.
    Many users ask me this feature.

    I understand the reasons for having automatic blue and reds background colors, but I guess we should allow the user to make their own choices...

    I guess we should allow the user to have an alternate Gantt view with custom colors.

    Just my 2 cents.


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