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  • Konstantinos

    Konstantinos - 2009-07-30


    I've managed to get program e working with php 5 by changing all variables of talk.php to $_POST .

    I was wondering why "learn.aiml"  from http://square-bear.co.uk/aiml/ is not working (while other aiml files from that same page are working...) Could I "adapt" that aiml file to work with program e somehow ?

    It would be cool to instruct my bot to work like :

    Bot: Ok I will learn that a cat has 4 legs.
    Human: What has 4 legs?
    Bot: a cat.

    Thank you in advance for your answers


    • Freddy

      Freddy - 2009-07-30

      Squarebears AIML is meant for pandorabots which has a custom learn tag - Program E does not have this feature.

    • Konstantinos

      Konstantinos - 2009-07-31

      Thank you for your answer freddy888.

      Anyway the learn.aiml knowledge is not stored anywhere so its not permanent....
      Back to my bot



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