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Alternatives to Program Killer

Due to the popularity of Progkill to many school and university administrators, and due to my lack of work on Progkill, I thought I'd pass along a link to some software that's probably more powerful than the current incarnation of progkill.

The software itself is called DeepFreeze (, and the Lab manager at the local community college where progkill got alot of testing at has leveraged DeepFreeze in a way that has been very effective in preventing student abuse of computing systems, and has saved the technical staff there quite alot of time. ... read more

Posted by Joshua Kinard 2004-09-28

Lack of Updates

This has been *long* forthcoming, but due to other commitments, I will be discontinuing for an undetermined amount of time support for Program Killer. My apologies to those who have found this program extremely useful., and I'd like to thank everyone who has found this program useful in their day-to-day activities.

I still have the code for the "4th Version" still around, all it really needs is one more function completed (command line parsing) and it should in theory be ready for testing, but I'm really not sure if I'll ever get around to finishing it. I might wind up just packing it up and posting it for those knowledgeable in Delphi to poke at.... read more

Posted by Joshua Kinard 2004-06-18

Delphi 6 Program Killer Released!

Took me awhile in porting everything from Visual Basic 6, adding a few new features, and some tweaks, but finally, a new version of Program Killer for everyone to enjoy!

Posted by Joshua Kinard 2002-05-28

Program Killer: New Version Due Soon

I've been working for the past 2 or so months on a very improved version of Program Killer. It's been recoded in Delphi 6, and so far, everything is coming along nicely. Once I finish nailing just a few more small glitches and cleaning up the Source some more, I'll post both Binary and Source packages on the main page for download.

The Visual Basic versions will still be supported, however, I'll reccommend everyone upgrade to the Delphi 6 version, as it supports more secure passwords, a few new options, NT4 Support, and no longer uses the Registry for storing it's program values, along with some other things I have yet to document properly.... read more

Posted by Joshua Kinard 2002-04-17

Version 2.12 Binary/Source Released

on 10-26-2001, Program Killer 2.12 was released. ChangeLog is listed Below.

Version 2.00
--First Release

Version 2.10
--Cleaned and Spellchecked some of the comments in the Source Code.

--Moved the Command Line Parsing Code and Set Options Code out
of the Form_Load() Sub (Reduces the Complexity of the Sub).

--Made lvList default to the first item in the List rather than
KERNEL32.DLL (Windows 95/98/Me) or [System Process] (Win2k).... read more

Posted by Joshua Kinard 2001-10-17

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