#233 DmWrite:DmWriteCheck failed


I really hope someone can help me with this. Progect
version 0.29 installed and ran with no errors on a
Tungsten E palm. I used the PDesk windows application
and hotsync'ed the changes without any problems. The
major problems occured when, on the PDesk application,
I added an icon to a task and hotsynced. After this I
was never able to run the application and I keep getting
a dialog box, every time I run it, with the following:

"DataMgr.c, Line:7399,

I am assuming that the error is caused because I did not
have the Datebk3 icons that the PDest application
provided a reference to and then when I hosynced,
since the resource is not there I keep error'ing out.

I have removed the PDesk application and the Progect
directory under my profile. I have deleted the original
program off of the palm and reinstalled it and still, I
cannot get it to work. I even tried to run it off of the
SD card, but still get the same error.

Is there a data file or flatfile that is created when the
program is run? Perhaps by deleting this file I can get
the program to run?

I really like this program, but I cannot use it until I can
get rid of this error.

email: mdecos@houston.rr.com


  • Rick Price

    Rick Price - 2005-01-19

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    If you use FileZ you can delete any Progect specific files.
    You would also want to delete the Progect settings if you
    are having problems. FileZ is completely free as far as I

    The error you are getting is quite unusual actually, if the
    problem is caused by using a colour icon, then using one of
    the new Beta's should fix it.

    I sent you an email, so if you are still having problems
    send me an email or post here since I get an email when
    something is posted here.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have FileProg and it allows me to do the same thing, but I
    need to know the name(s) of the Progect specific files. For
    example, I see a file called PPur_Data with a CrID of PPur - I
    have no idea what program this file belongs to? Another one
    is called Queries with a CrID of QRYS. I have a lot of files on
    my Tungsten.

    email: mdecos@houston.rr.com


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