Bernard Bou - 2012-05-22

ProcessData helps display the metadata of Unix processes.

You can use it in console mode or gui mode.

The console mode displays information on the console:

processdata processname1 processname2 ...

The gui mode displays information in a GTK window in the form of trees. It works in set mode or interactive mode.

processdatagtk processname1 processname2 ...

In set mode the processes to browse are explicitly mentioned on the command-line: this may be used in conjunction with Nautilus-actions to provide integration with the browser (please also note that the nautilus-processdata pakage will provide similar functionality).

In interactive mode, nothing is specified on the command-line and the user is free to browse specific processes at run time. A process tree is displayed.

Please note that most functionality is provided through contextual menus.

The process tree can also be displayed as a flat list, which will make it easier to filter and sort.


deb package use
python-processdata library
processdata command-line
processdatagtk gui
nautilus-processdata nautilus extension

Last edit: Bernard Bou 2012-05-22