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V 1.1 and 1.2 planned for 02/2008

We are planning to deliver two new versions for PrivilegedAccessor in February with several enhancements: V1.1 still downward compatible to Java 1.3, V1.2 downward compatible to Java 1.5

Posted by Sebastian Dietrich 2008-01-25

PrivilegedAccessor V1.0.2 released

PrivilegedAccessor latest release is a bug-fix and feature enhancement release. Now works with jdk 1.3.

Posted by Sebastian Dietrich 2005-03-16

PrivilegedAccessor V1.0.1 released

V1.0.1 is a bug fix release including some minor improvements:
- fixed bug #1115984 (accessing methods with more than one primitive attrbutes)
- improved setValue (now works with primitives)
- improved error-checking unit-tests (fail fast on unexpected errors)
- some checkstyle related changes

Posted by Sebastian Dietrich 2005-02-08