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First release is online

On February the 12th, the first release of PrintIt has gone online. It contains a simple creation of a server socket without any
additional stuff. After five seconds, the program ends up with
no errors. You can specify the port number at the command line.

The code seems to be somewhat platform independent, but it is only tested to compile on a LINUX-machine. So if it doesn't compile on other UN*X-platforms, let me know (but send in the complete error message).

Posted by Mathias Pohl 2005-02-11

Active development has started

Today, the development of prinit really started with a src-directory and a newly defined main.c. Nevertheless The GPL-entry in the base dir is missing. Besides, autoconf and automake has to be started up for this project - at least some have to be written.

Posted by Mathias Pohl 2005-01-27