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Some old releases are now hidden

I've hidden 2.0.90 and 2.0.91 from the downloads page, just to make it shorter. They're still available if anybody really wants them, but really they're not very different from 2.0.92. The older releases (0.5.0, 2.0) are still listed, because they have more historical interest.

Posted by John Marshall 2002-06-03

GLibs now buildable

With today's release of prc-tools 2.1, GLibs are finally buildable again. Interoperability with old applications or libraries has not been fully tested yet, so we do not recommend distributing a library for third party use at this time; but, for example, using GLibs "within an application" as an alternative to multiple code resources is now feasible again.

Posted by John Marshall 2002-05-27