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PrBoom 2.5.0 released

Changes from v2.4.7 to v2.5.0
- Limit the game to one CPU core on a multicore machine [prb+]
- Fix crash when out-of-range values are used in fixed point arithmetic [prb+]
- Allow the game to build without SDL_mixer, add --without-mixer option to
./configure to force this. Music support will be disabled in this case
- Don't set the default game skill from the new game menu
Instead there is an option to set it explicitly in the General menu
- Fix the brightness of the player's weapon
- Fix linear filtering on flats in software mode
- Fix crash when an unknown sprite is used with a non-zero frame number
- Restore special case for trivial maps (bug #1837422)
- Fix screenshots in high colour screen modes - if libpng is available at
build time it will be used, otherwise a BMP will be saved
- Don't process mouse input in the menus [prb+]
- Always use Doom's main menu order to avoid bugs with Alien Vendetta [prb+]
- Remove line of junk graphics below status bar [prb+]
- Restore Boom friction and bobbing code [prb+]
- Fix crash by testing for null targets in mancubus fire code pointers
- Restore last known enemy check in Boom compatibility [prb+]
- Animated middle textures with zero index forced [prb+]
- Better handling of unrecognised demo formats [prb+]
- Fix for hanging decoration disappearing in Batman Doom MAP02 [prb+]
- Fix menu description: pain elementals are limited to 21 lost souls
- Manual page fixes from Debian
- Fix position of netgame player arrows on the automap in rotate mode
- Ignore chat key presses in multiplayer demo playback and -solo-net
- In deathmatch demo playback always draw player arrows on the automap
- In a multiplayer demo, don't reset view to console player on a new map
- Fix crash when MP3 music is being used and the player changes back to
a piece of music that's already been loaded before
- Avoid HOM effect on large maps such as epic.wad 5 [prb+]
- Fix sound origins on large levels [prb+]
- Handle demos with bad or missing headers [prb+]
- Fix the colour of player 4 (red) in multiplayer
- Play correct player pickup sounds in multiplayer demos
- Don't allow solids to pass through no-clipping objects in Doom [prb+]
- Restore Dehacked's ability to set the raisestate of a mobj [prb+]
- Handle demos with a missing end marker [prb+]
- Ignore switches that reference unknown textures instead of exiting
- Fix crash when resetting a menu to defaults [prb+]
- Fix crash when trying to play demos from Boom 2.00 [prb+]
- Fix crash in multiplayer demos when there are still sounds playing
on map changes (e.g. players revving chainsaws) [prb+]
- Fix mouse clicks on the intermission screen being ignored
- Don't eat screenshot key presses (see sf bug #1843280)
- Detect Hexen-format maps and refuse to play them, instead of crashing
- Fix crash when loading maps with missing player starts
- The backs of switches must be pressable in any demo recorded by
Boom 2.01, even those in Boom's "compatibility" mode [prb+]
- Force comp_doorstuck=1 in Boom 2.01 compatibility mode [prb+]
- comp_dropoff=1 was broken in MBF compatibility mode [prb+]
- Restore --disable-dogs but make sure it doesn't break Dehacked
- Fix desync if the user presses pause on the intermission screen [prb+]
- comp_666 fixed: either cyberdemon or spider can end E2M8 or E3M8;
killing a baron on E3M8 won't cause the level to end any more [prb+]
- Fix broken string matching in Dehacked [prb+]
- Passing --without-net to ./configure will compile the game without
network support; this may help if your platform lacks SDL_net
- Fix crash when reloading network savegames (bug #1590350)
- Fix bug in transparency rendering caused by doing it in two places
- Added high color rendering... read more

Posted by Florian Schulze 2008-11-09

PrBoom 2.4.7 released

Changes from v2.4.6 to v2.4.7
- Fixed comp_soul and comp_maskedanim options not actually being optional.
- Fixed searching for IWAD/prboom.wad (bugs #1585185, #1585600)
- Multiple sound crash fixes (bugs #1577495, #1586800)
- Fix for previously introduced HOM error
- Fix frame numbering problem in MBF dehacked patches (bug #1576151)

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-11-19

PrBoom 2.4.6 released

Changes from v2.4.5 to v2.4.6
- Mac OS X: Fixed music volume slider
- Implemented patch clipping. This fixes bug #1557501.
- Fixed update of compatibility options after use of TNTCOMP cheat
- Reenabled padding if short or missing reject lumps.
Patch #1570517 by RjY.
- Removed unaligned memory access in r_drawflush.inl. This should fix bus
errors on architectures where unaligned access is forbidden and should
give a slight speedup on other architectures.
- Stop right after the quit sound stops, instead of waiting three seconds
- Fixed sound origin for switches. This is compatibility optioned.
Patch #1533045 by RjY.
- Fixed "oof" sound when hitting ground while already dead
Patch #1532700 by RjY.
- Ported Eternitys fix to show the "ouch" face when severly hit
- Unified drawing functions, this speeds things up a bit and fixes most
artifacts on small numbers and fonts in high resolution modes.
- Mac OS X: Add resolution and video mode (OpenGL vs software) selection to
- Added rendering filters for software mode, they are configurable in a new
page in general settings
- Emulate some texture composition bugs
- Fix more common WAD bugs that can cause crashes
- Fixed random crashes caused by use of uninitialized memory
- Fix some demo incompatibilities caused by slime trail removal
- Fixed crashes with WADs which use newer gl nodes or don't have any nodes
- Automatically load gwa files with gl nodes
- Fixed integer overrun in automap on large levels (from PrBoom+)

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-10-15

PrBoom 2.4.5 released

Changes from v2.4.4 to v2.4.5
- fix crash when saving the game in levels with lots of monsters (bug introduced in 2.4.4)
- -nodeh option to disable automatic loading of dehacked-in-wad lump
- Unified software and opengl engine into one binary
- Added video mode selection to menu
- fix demo desyncs on E1M5 on x86_64 systems
- Fullscreen setting will only take effect after game restart
- reduce red palette translation if the menu is up, so the menu can still be read
- screenshots now in PNG format on Linux/Unix in GL mode too
- Added experimental -checksum option for demo playback comparison
- Merged new internal patch (graphics) format from PrBoom 2.3
- Mac OS X: Launcher now uses drawers instead of tabs
- Mac OS X: Fix some longstanding Wad chooser issues
- Mac OS X: Add a console to display text output from PrBoom

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-10-14

Mac OS X image for PrBoom 2.4.4 updated

The Mac OS X image had a problem and a new one named PrBoom-2.4.4-1.dmg got uploaded.

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-08-01

PrBoom 2.4.4 released

Changes from v2.4.3 to v2.4.4
- Don't fail when a texture name can't be looked up
- Increased several limits - Thanks to entryway and RjY
- Increased number of sidedef limit to 65534
- Increased number of vertexes limit to 65535
- Fixed crash when crossing sectors with very big height differences
- fix crash on E4M8
- New command-line options for setting a window (-window) or fullscreen
(-nowindow) mode temporarily.
- The maximal supported resolution is increased from 1600x1200 to 2048x1536
- GLBoom will use the closest supported resolution when running fullscreen
- The "RUN" key inverts the autorun state
- Live monsters are highlighted in a different colour on the iddt-automap
- Fixed OpenGL sky rendering in Requiem and Memento Mori
- The "Show coordinates of automap pointer" setting works now
- merged many cleanups and fixes from PrBoom 2.3
- fix translucency map file handle leak
- fix consistency failures in netgames
- prevent crashes at 800x600 caused by rounding errors with naive clipping
- fixed slowdown at 1024x768 on some systems
- ability to play tasdoom demos directly
- -solo-net option is a shortcut for one-player network games
- emulate spechit overflows for dosdoom and tasdoom compatibility
- made several cleanups and fixes

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-07-30

PrBoom 2.4.3 released

Changes from v2.4.2 to v2.4.3
- Massive speed improvements in higher resolutions taken from Eternity.
Thanks to SoM and Quasar!!!
- fix bugs in gameplay occuring with gcc-4.1
- Mac OS X: Add "Show Game Folder" to menus, for easy installation of new
game wads
- Mac OS X: Disable games in popup menu whose wads cannot be found
- fix compilation warnings
- tidy up configure script

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-07-23

PrBoom 2.4.2 released

Changes from v2.4.1 to v2.4.2
- Move gamma correction tables into prboom.wad
- Clean up light level calculations for walls & sprites
- CheckIWAD uses ANSI C streams for better portability and error handling
- Make screen wipe time independent of resolution
- Applied various small cleanups and fixes from PrBoom 2.3.1
- Fix problems with dehacked substitution of long strings
- End of level sound crash fixed
- Mac OS X: Added simple launcher which allows to configure the most common
- Mac OS X: Uses Quicktime for music now to fix crashes (adapted from Jaakko
Keränen's work in Doomsday)
- Windows: Converted project files to free Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-07-16

PrBoom 2.4.1 released

Changes from v2.4.0 to v2.4.1
- PrBoom demos are now recorded with high-precision turning (like the
"Doom v1.91" hack that is floating around)
- when both -nodraw and -nosound are supplied, then no graphics will be
initialized and no windows opened
- add ultdoom compatibility level, and bring compatibility levels into line
with Prboom+
- screenshots now use correct palette in software mode
- screenshots now in PNG format on Linux/Unix where available
- suppress use-supershotgun key in compatibility mode
- removed obsolete video related code
- fix screenshots on 64bit systems
- fix comp_666

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-04-08

PrBoom 2.4.0 released

Changes from v2.2.6 to v2.4.0
- emulate reject overflows and spechit overflows - from prboom-plus
- more original doom compatibility options
- improve stretched graphics drawing for hires
- fix super-shotgun reload on last shot
- fix compilation with gcc 4.x
- fix some more dehacked support problems (e.g. Hacx)
- fix crash if pwad contains zero-length sound lumps
- added possibility to use mmap for wad access, this leads to less memory usage
- simplified the memory handling
- removed old Doom v1.2 lumps from prboom.wad
- windows also uses prboom.wad now
- add Mac OS X bundle build
- removed lumps and tables which are in prboom.wad from source

Posted by Florian Schulze 2006-04-02

Using subversion instad of CVS

As some already noticed, the CVS link is gone from the project page. This is because we switched over to subversion for our repository.
For more infos and for download, see
The two most interesting paths for PrBoom in our repository are:
For the stable 2.2.x branch and the experimental 2.3.x branch.
You can also browse the source online at

Posted by Florian Schulze 2003-09-27

PrBoom 2.3.0 (experimental) released

The following list of changes is probably incomplete:

Changes from v2.2.4 to v2.3.0
- the OpenGL libs are loaded dynamically
- only one executable for software rendering and OpenGL
- option for sound compatibility with original Doom
- added more compatibility levels (check frontend configurations!)
- in game switching between fullscreen and windowed mode
- fix super-shotgun reload on last shot
- intermission demo sync bug fixed
- support for more and less then 8 channels
- improved response file parser
- replaced use_vsync with use_doublebuffer in cfg file and implemented
double buffering
- removed old Doom v1.2 lumps from prboom.wad
- windows also uses prboom.wad now
- removed lumps and tables which are in prboom.wad from source
- fix translucency map file handle leak
- added a quake like console
- new menu code and much more options available through it
- reworked software renderer
- bilinear filter for software rendering
- AdvanceScale2x like filter, but working on individual lines not fullscreen
- smooth edges on masked textures and sprites
- 16bit and 32bit software rendering
- sound and video settings changeable while running (Software <-> OpenGL)
- VIDD (Version Independant Doom Demo) support

Posted by Florian Schulze 2003-09-21

PrBoom 2.2.4 released

Changes from v2.2.3 to v2.2.4
- fixed sky-over-sky HOM
- add sound compatibility option
- improve sound volume accuracy
- shared texture palette isn't the default anymore
- better invulnerabilty rendering for non paletted OpenGL
- network game server can now read config files to set game options
- fix latency problems in LAN games
- small compilation fixed for OpenGL on some unix platforms
- fix for dehacked files which change frames
- fixed name clash when compiling for some unix platforms
- flag counted items with different colour on the IDDT automap
- fixed extra shot sound when chaingun runs out of ammo
- fix some telefragging related desyncs
- fixed offsets for flipped sprites
- hopefully fix problems with network games on big-endian platforms

Posted by Florian Schulze 2003-09-21

PrBoom 2.2.3 released

Changes from v2.2.2 to v2.2.3
- improved mouse handling
- intermission demo sync bug fixed
- framebuffer update fixes (solves flicker on fbcon)
- -forceoldbsp allowed in non-GL version, and saved in demos
- fix player colours in multiplayer demos
- apply workarounds for buggy pwads even during demo playback
- fix numpad 5 key
- allow compilation on systems where SDL is built without joystick support
- fix comp_skymap
- using anisotropic filtering when the OpenGL extension is available
- using paletted textures when the OpenGL extension is available
- added gl_use_paletted_texture option to glboom configuration file
- using shared texture palette when the OpenGL extension is available
- added gl_use_shared_texture_palette option to glboom configuration file

Posted by Florian Schulze 2002-07-27

PrBoom 2.2.2 released

Changes from v2.2.1 to v2.2.2
- more demo sync problems for original Doom and Boom fixed
- added changeable samplerate for soundmixing
- added fullscreen/window toggle in option menu
- added double buffering
- floor rendering made more accurate
- Win32 config file handling fixed
- fix endian conversion problem on Linux/PPC

Posted by Florian Schulze 2001-11-04

PrBoom 2.2.1 released

Changes from v2.2.0 to v2.2.1
- improved fix for demo sync problems with lost souls bouncing off floors
- fixed bug where loading a -fast or -respawn savegame failed to restore those options properly
- fixed demo sync bug with doors also tagged to lift triggers
- fix some endianness problems in the OpenGL renderer
- hopefully fixed some problems compiling for Linux/ARM
- fix multi-level demo time totals to agree with compet-n
- linux rpm is now a bit more standardised

Posted by Florian Schulze 2001-06-24

PrBoom 2.2.0 released

Changes from v2.1.2 to v2.2.0
- fix compiling problem on alpha processors (size_t != unsigned long)
- fixed stair building (ex. TNT - Evilution MAP30)
- fixed OpenGL menu drawing bug
- hopefully fixed top sky line bug for some OpenGL drivers
- added joystick support through SDL
- made a (temporary) fix for the crash at 800x600 when timidity can't find cfg
- fixed some key binding problems
- fixed linking problems on some UNIX systems

Posted by Florian Schulze 2001-04-02

PrBoom 2.1.2 released

Changes from v2.1.1 to v2.1.2
- fix problem with sound stereo
- fix problem with new network games
- supports demo files with base name >8 characters
- enable IDDT and other display cheats in demo playback
- various fixes for running on Solaris/sparc

Posted by Florian Schulze 2000-12-30

PrBoom 2.1.1 released

PrBoom 2.1.1 is now available.

* Changes from v2.1.0 to v2.1.1
- config file is now prboom.cfg for the non-GL version, glboom.cfg
for the GL version. If you have used PrBoom (or LxDoom) before,
rename your old config file (boom.cfg) appropriately.
- fullscreen is now default for new prboom.cfg
- included sdl_mixer.dll now plays midi-files
- if waveout is used for sound (Windows NT4) the sound doesn't stutter anymore
- redid parts of the OpenGL renderer
- sprites behind translucent walls are rendered correctly
- translucent walls are rendered correctly
- support for glBSP nodes
- compliant to glBSP spec v2
- use_mipmapping option in boom.cfg
- the default for zone memory in OpenGL is now 16MB
- fix screen melt transition
- most Boom demos should now work
- a lot more original Doom demos work
- keycard switches are shown coloured on the map, like doors
- improved ENDOOM rendering
- non-highres rendering functions dropped

Posted by Florian Schulze 2000-11-12

PrBoom 2.1.0 released

We did it. After a long pause we have just released PrBoom 2.1.0. It's the
result of the merger between PrBoom, LxDoom and lSDLDoom. See our website
for the list of features. In particular, this version of PrBoom greatly
improves compatibility with original Doom levels and demos. Almost all
original demos, and all MBF demos (included the Tools Assisted Speedrun
demos) work. The Linux rpm and the Windows zip are now available. The source
will follow short after the release.

Posted by Florian Schulze 2000-09-17

PrBoom in CVS

I have uploaded PrBoom to the CVS-Tree

Posted by Florian Schulze 2000-04-09

Started the project

I have now started this project on SourceForge, the first CVS upload will be soon. The Homepage will also uploaded soon. Stay tuned.

Posted by Florian Schulze 2000-03-10

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