#70 Altering the default compatibility level via the menus


It would be very useful to be able to set the default compatibilty level via the in-game menus. The most natural place to have this would be the same page as the default skill level.

It would also be nice to be able to set the complevel from the menus for the current session - like typing TNTCOMP several times, but easier and quicker.

In both cases, it would be good to have this done in user-friendly style, with the name of the complevel showing as well as the number.


  • Andrey Budko

    Andrey Budko - 2011-07-16

    Any suggestions for theirs names?

    "Default" (-1)
    "Doom v1.2", (0)
    "Doom v1.666",
    "Doom/2 v1.9",
    "Ultimate Doom",
    "Final Doom",
    "DosDoom 0.47",
    "Boom's compat",
    "Boom v2.01",
    "Boom v2.02",
    "LxDoom v1.3.2+",
    "PrBoom 2.03b",
    "PrBoom 2.1.x",
    "PrBoom 2.2.x",
    "PrBoom 2.3.x",
    "PrBoom 2.4.0",
    "Latest PrBoom+",

    Probably "Boom" instead of "Boom v2.02", etc

  • Graham Burgess

    Graham Burgess - 2011-07-17

    Your suggestions look good to me. Yes, it's a good idea to call Boom 2.02 simply "Boom". Also, I think "DosDoom 0.47" and "LxDoom v1.3.2+" could be just "DosDoom" and "LxDoom".

    I think "Boom's compat" could cause confusion, as some people might think this is the standard one for Boom wads. Maybe "Boom's vanilla" will show that this is not a good choice for Boom wads.

  • Andrey Budko

    Andrey Budko - 2011-07-17
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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