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My Article in Linux Journal on Replicators

Checkout my article in Linux Journal on Remote Replicators...

Posted by sandeep ranade 2004-02-09

Pratima 2.6 tarball available for download

pratima-2.6 Source code is available for download in multiple compressed formats.
Happy Downloading.

Posted by sandeep ranade 2004-02-06

'Pratima' means reflection or duplication in Sanskrit Langua

The name of the project was selected as 'Pratima' which means 'Reflection' or 'Dupliction' or 'Mirror Image' in the ancient Indian Language 'Sanskrit'.
The Replicator's primary characteristics is to maintain the remote volume as a faithful 'reflection' or 'Pratima' of the local volume!
-- Sandeep Ranade

Posted by sandeep ranade 2003-10-15

Pratima is cheched in (Though the CVS doesnt show it yet)

The pratima code is in the CVS repository all ready for you to download and use. However the CVS shows no file additions or commits. Click the Brouse CVS Repository to look at the code!
--Sandeep Ranade

Posted by sandeep ranade 2003-10-14

Pratima is Born!!

Well, congratulations ! It's a girl!
Pratima is still young and innocent, and it will be
all you fellow-developers out there who will raise her as a daughter, and see to it, that she grows up as a beautiful and mature project!
-- Sandeep Ranade
Designer, Architect, Developer, Tester, Documenter, and Father of Pratima!

Posted by sandeep ranade 2003-10-14