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PPF 0.6 Released

PPF 0.6 release - complete package with core and plugins. Another all-in-one release to get some of the latest changes out. Some minor improvements to the core, a few bugs fixes and updates in some plugins and a few new plugins.

New plugins: AutoOp, GeeklogSearch, Introduction, InviteBot, Jaiku, LDAPQuery, One, PieSpy, Pug, ServerAdminManager

Updated plugins: Advertiser, CBFinder, ComicBot, FeedReader, JMegaHalAI, Log, Roulette, ServerAdminHelper, ServerAdminHelperHL2, ServerAuth, ServerQuery, Tell, TinyUrl

Posted by Dead Ed 2008-08-13

PPF 0.5 Released

Complete package with core and plugins.
There have been a whole load of changes since the previous version (and way too much time gone as well). So here is a release of everything so far - check over the docs and see what is available. Updates to config files will have to be made manually (both core and plugin configs). Things will be changing even more for the next release as well. There have been some great contributions and help over the last year and even though not everything is polished, it really is time to make an all-in-one release available. Hope you like it. To chat with most of the developers, ask questions or whatever then #deaded on irc.quakenet.org will usually have someone around (just bring a little patience with you ;))... read more

Posted by Dead Ed 2007-04-08

Alive and kicking

Just to let you know that we are very much alive and kicking. Main activity is around the irc channel #deaded on irc.quakenet.org There are also beta packages being thrown up for testing and fixes (for now) to http://betas.deaded.com

Posted by Dead Ed 2005-08-09

PPF 0.4 Windows Installers

PPF 0.4 now has two windows installer packages available, a smaller bot only installer, and a larger bot and Java installer.

Posted by Dead Ed 2004-08-01

PPF 0.4 Released

This is a full release including the main PPF core and all available plugins for 0.4 Documentation is included for users as well as plugin developers.

Posted by Dead Ed 2004-07-27