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End of development

I've stopped using my Pocket PC, and so I won't be able to continue working on this program.

Posted by Joshua Foster 2006-04-08

PPCDJ 1.3.0 Released

New features include:
* Built-in spell checker option
* Rich text editor
* Proxy server support (untested)
* Fast (paid) server support (untested)
* New friend-of notifications
* Friend birthday notifications
* Allow export when posting or editing
* Check backdate ability when posting in communities
* Check character limits
* Show poster name when viewing shared journals
* Bug fixes:
***** Certain symbols cut messages short
***** Controls remained disabled after backdate notification
***** Many properties in lowercase
* New options:
***** Proxy
********* Proxy settings
***** Miscellaneous
********* Notify of new friend-of's
********* Notify of friend birthdays... read more

Posted by Joshua Foster 2005-06-21

Upcoming 1.3.0 Release

Sorry about the delay, college started up and ate up my time. Now that summer's here, though, I've gotten started on the PPCDJ program again. Expect a new release in the next couple of days.

Posted by Joshua Foster 2005-06-20

PPCDJ 1.2.0-alpha Released

New features include:
* View and edit friends
* Friend color demos
* Multiple journals
* Multiple usernames
* Common journal server list
* Calendar for date selection
* Bug fixes:
* When closing a window early, an exception was thrown
* In Edit, viewing entries by day showed only one day
* Reject blank passwords when posting or editing
* Viewing entries with no subject showed other entries' subjects
* Cleaner source code with code explanations
* HTML readme file... read more

Posted by Joshua Foster 2004-07-27

PPCDJ Release Delay

Oops, looks like I lied about that 1.2.0 release. Turns out adding comments to more than 400KB of code takes longer than I thought it would (it's just so tedious...). But I did finish all of the other stuff on my list for this release. Now that I've implemented most of the features of the LJ code, 1.3.0 should be really cool: pseudo(HTML)-rich text editor, poll builder, and more. I promise I'll have 1.2.0 out tomorrow (no backs this time, I swear!)

Posted by Joshua Foster 2004-07-26

Upcoming PPCDJ 1.2.0-alpha

I've finished most of the stuff for version 1.2.0, and barring any major occurences tomorrow, I should be able to add friends support and make an HTML readme file tomorrow afternoon and release the new version tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

Posted by Joshua Foster 2004-07-25

New version 1.1.1-alpha

I've done some quick edits to my 1.1.0-alpha to make it more open-source-friendly. New features include a new encrypting method and a bug fix (the Exit button on the Login window). Also new is the PPCDJ EncDec 1.0 program. Non-PPCDJ users can use this program to encrypt or decrypt messages (or for anything, really).

Posted by Joshua Foster 2004-07-24