#1 ppcboot does not handle remote servers being "off"


If ppcboot sends a bootp request to a server, but the server does not
have a bootp server running - it sends back an icmp port unreachable
packet. ppcboot does not detect and handle this.
Same for tftp requests.


  • Wolfgang Denk

    Wolfgang Denk - 2001-01-07

    Are you sure?

    PPCBoot uses a broadcast address for the BOOTP request, so there is no dedicated server that can send a port unreachable packet.

    With TFTP you are probably correct, but even if PPCBoot detected the problem it cannot fix it.

    What is your suggestion?

  • Dan A. Dickey

    Dan A. Dickey - 2001-01-07

    I'd suggest that ppcboot catch the error coming
    back from the tftp connect refusal and print an
    error message and stop.
    As it is now, it just ignores errors and continues
    to timeout and resent requests. The ppcboot
    user cannot tell what is happening. The ethereal
    user can see the connection refusals going back
    to ppcboot, followed by a connect request to the
    very same port.

  • Mark Brown

    Mark Brown - 2001-10-18

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    If ppcboot noticed that it was getting connection refused messages
    from the TFTP it could perhaps display a diagnostic as well as
    continuing to retry.

  • Wolfgang Denk

    Wolfgang Denk - 2001-12-05
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