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Source code maintained in SVN repositories

From now on, the team of development will maintain the source code on the Subversion repository. This is already done for avr-evtd and will soon be done for the micro-evtd project.

Posted by Rogério Theodoro de Brito 2008-09-23

ppc-evtd: 1.8

This a simple and small user space interface daemon to the Linkstation/Kuro AVR micro-controller. It provides macro'd power on/off events and user control over button and fault events.

I may get chance to finally release version 1.8. We have had some bugs with this test candidate for a while now and wrok carried out on the ARM version of this daemon has produced fixes for these.

Posted by lb-ls 2008-09-19

Version 1.7.2

Now a release candidate. A few more fixes have been made and more code moved to the EventScript to aid use in other projects.

Posted by lb-ls 2006-11-04

Version 1.7.1 Testing

Some minor fixes. Mainly altered DISK LED drive, removed it actually. This will allow other users to drive this without interuption unless the disk is full (if enabled).

Also added another emergency mode that will update the passwd etc files to allow KNOWN entry into the box.

Posted by lb-ls 2006-10-18

Version 1.7

Finally managed to release this. Many additions to this one. Added option to specify 'checked' partitions, run with out a fan, disk used rounding fixed, log location, code optimisation, emergency mode extended to add static iP, fixes to take into account time creep, plus many more.

Posted by lb-ls 2006-09-15