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New Linux Version

I have been trying a linux version. If you would like to try it drop me a line.

Posted by Simon Bridger 2002-09-16

V1.08: bug fix

V1.08 fixes a bug w/ 16F628 & other flash2 types, that was in V1.07

(also includes changes for linux version, not released yet)

Posted by Simon Bridger 2002-09-16


V1.07 has added support for most members of the 12 & 14 bit families, including the new flash types.
Particularly notable is the 12F675, which we are programming before Microchip!
The Windows version (PPWIN) is now compiled using the Borland Free C5.5 compiler, but it presently uses the cc3250.dll. If you can help fix the makefile to link this in, it would be appreciated.

Posted by Simon Bridger 2002-08-27


V1.04 checked into CVS and binary and snapshot releases available.
Additions to web page
24/11/01 Separated PicTypes_list into an include file to make changes easier
24/11/01 changed is_flash to PromType, and created an enumeration for it
24/11/01 removed unused file tdlportio.c from project
24/11/01 added type 3 programming and erasing (F7X). Always forces bulk erase before programming
24/11/01 changed the program pulse times. Created global for bulk erase time
24/11/01 added 40 new eprom PIC's. added boden bit to 16C62A
24/11/01 added a "noerase" command to block autoerasing of F7X to allow patching
25/11/01 remove autoduck help code from pphw.c
25/11/01 fixed html tags in plain text help output. fixed newlines in plain text
25/11/01 added "-help=16F8" listing of specific pic device, with wildcard

Posted by Simon Bridger 2001-11-26

New version V1.02 with NT/2K support

The new version V1.02 adds NT/2000 support, more PIC's, enhanced help and minor fixes.

The source code structure for OS dependent port interfacing has changed.

Posted by Simon Bridger 2001-11-20

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