#20 PHProxy 0.4 bug with the mini URL-form



I've downloaded PHProxy 0.4 and have uploaded to my
When I surf most sites, everything is ok but when I try to
surf Yahoo.com (Horoscopes, for example) or forums like
Invision Power Board 2.x.x the mini URL-form does not
shows even when checked as must to show!!!

I found another site on PHroxy (I don't know what exactly
build), there is no any problems on this site but when I
downloaded url_form.inc, it's just little different from
original 0.4 package...

P.S. Sorry for my poor English!


  • Fletch

    Fletch - 2005-10-21

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    I just have checked 0,3 build - it's works great with any forums!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The problem is not in url_form.inc.

    Look under PHProxy.class, theres your problem.

    I will let you figure this out on your own. I already
    submitted enough mods already.

    Think of it this way and this should give you tons of help.

    When a page has a tag with only <body> in it the proxy will
    not display the form. If the tag says <body
    background="animage.?"> it will display the top form.

    A simple fix, I may submit this later I have to get to my
    computer at home in order to help. Sorry.

    SIProxy Admin

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The 0.3 build isnt perfect.

    Now here I am at home and got the new mod you need.

    I havent really tested it on my live site its more of a beta
    mod on my testing proxy site I use to develope new features
    for my live proxy site. I know it works and I am pretty
    soon to put this live.

    look for this line in PHProxy.class -

    // this was a bitch to code
    // follows CGIProxy's logic of his HTML routine in
    some aspects

    Heres how you want everything under it to look now, I hope
    my code displays right -

    // this was a bitch to code
    // follows CGIProxy's logic of his HTML routine in
    some aspects

    $this->response_body = preg_replace('#<body>#si',
    "<body bgcolor>", $this->response_body);

    $tags = array
    'a' => array('href'),
    'img' => array('src', 'longdesc'),
    'image' => array('src', 'longdesc'),
    'body' => array


    'base' => array('href'),
    'frame' => array('src', 'longdesc'),
    'iframe' => array('src', 'longdesc'),
    'head' => array('profile'),
    'layer' => array('src'),
    'input' => array('src', 'usemap'),
    'form' => array('action'),
    'area' => array('href'),
    'link' => array('href', 'src', 'urn'),
    'meta' => array('content'),
    'param' => array('value'),
    'applet' => array('codebase', 'code',
    'object', 'archive'),
    'object' => array('usermap', 'codebase',
    'classid', 'archive', 'data'),
    'script' => array('src'),
    'select' => array('src'),
    'hr' => array('src'),
    'table' => array('background'),
    'tr' => array('background'),
    'th' => array('background'),
    'td' => array('background'),
    'bgsound' => array('src'),
    'blockquote' => array('cite'),
    'del' => array('cite'),
    'embed' => array('src'),
    'fig' => array('src', 'imagemap'),
    'ilayer' => array('src'),
    'ins' => array('cite'),
    'note' => array('src'),
    'overlay' => array('src', 'imagemap'),
    'q' => array('cite'),
    'ul' => array('src')

    This is a section of the code of the soon to be release beta
    of SIProxy with all new features.

    SIProxy Admin

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ahh the code didnt show right.

    Send me a email at rnajar[at]plateautel[dot]net and I will
    send you the code you will need to fix the bug with the form
    not displaying right. ;)

  • LuukLuuk

    LuukLuuk - 2006-10-02

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    I've made the following changes to the script and it's
    working for me now.

    To select also tags without parameters:

    $this->response_body, $matches);
    changed to:
    $this->response_body, $matches);


    if (!isset($tags[$tag]) ||
    $matches[2][$i], $m, PREG_SET_ORDER))
    changed to:
    if (!isset($tags[$tag]) || (!empty($matches[2][$i]) &&
    $matches[2][$i], $m, PREG_SET_ORDER)))


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