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PostAmt 1.77 released

Unfortunately I left out an important part of an instruction during the fix to folder names containing spaces in release 1.76, so with that version you could not create new IMAP folders anymore. This release 1.77 fixes that problem.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2001-09-06

PostAmt 1.76 released

While testing various parts of the code for compatibility with IMAP folder names containing spaces, I found two more places where those caused problems. This is fixed with this release.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2001-09-04

PostAmt 1.75 released

This release fixes two bugs with the handling of folders containing spaces. (Folder names werent properly put in quotes in all places)

Posted by Marcus Rating 2001-09-03

PostAmt 1.74 released

This is a one-line fix to prevent users from ending up behind the valid message range after changing their search criteria to something more restrictive.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2001-09-01

PostAmt 1.73 released

By popular demand, a Reply-To-All button has been added in the mail reader.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2001-03-29

PostAmt 1.72 released

This version finally uses a logout mechanism that wipes the stored credentials from all common browsers: NS4, IE5, Mozilla and Opera.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2001-03-27

PostAmt 1.71 released

After several months of just crunching some tiny bugs in the code, I guess have enough changes to warrant another release. Main fixes in here include one for a language problem for first time users and (hopefully) better handling for sending mail.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2001-03-02

PostAmt 1.70 released

IMAP-PostAmt has finally been updated to work perfectly with PHP4. In other news, there is now functionality to select one of multiple From-Adresses when sending mail through the interface plus, as usual, countless bugfixes.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2000-11-14

PostAmt 1.64 released

Version 1.64 of this tool has been released, including the ability to select multiple messages for moving/flagging/deletion plus several bugfixes (Long debug session)

Posted by Marcus Rating 2000-09-13

PostAmt 1.63 released

This release contains a important security fix to protect your site from data compromise through abuse of the PHP file upload vulnerability.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2000-09-05

PostAmt 1.62 released

The tarball of version 1.62 of this PHP-based IMAP reader is now available.

Posted by Marcus Rating 2000-08-28

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