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The POSper Homepage is up again ...

Thanks for your patience.


Posted by hansA 2014-07-26

POSPer Homepage temorarily down

Due to server problems the POSper homepage is temporarily down.
We'll notify you when we are back again.

Stay tuned.

Posted by hansA 2014-07-25

POSper 2.1 released

Read about the new features in POSper 2.1 on


Posted by hansA 2012-10-31

POSper 2.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of POSper 2.0. POSper 2.0 comes with a lot of new features and improvements for both retail and restaurant mode operation.

You will find a description of the 2.0 contents as compared to the latest bundle (rev 1021) on http://posper.net/newin2.0since1021.
The changes since the previous bundle (rev 852) are listed in http://posper.net/newfeatures.

The full list of changes is as usual in the CHANGELOG supplied with the bundle.... read more

Posted by hansA 2012-07-14

POSper 2.0 coming soon

Shortly we'll release the last bundle before launching POSper 2.0. Those who had an eye on commits to the code repository and read the changelogs there certainly are aware that POSper has developed into a versatile cash register system with even more features coming from real world requirements.
Sadly, this has kept us so busy that we didn't find the time to publish a new bundle but we are confident to change this in the near future.
As a teaser we'll come forth with a summary of the new features and, instead of a beta 2.0, a last 1.0 bundle.... read more

Posted by hansA 2012-01-29

New POSper Release 1.0-851

We have just finished a new release with a couple of interesting new features, e.g.
- A new modifier function has been implemented which can automatically add consignement products to a ticketline like bottle deposits etc.
- Global modifiers are now fully working and allow fancy things like special sales with 'Everything 10% off today!"
- We have introduced an audit log to follow up on critical operations with cheating potential like deleting open tickets and ticketlines or altering ticketlines to a lesser value.
- The amounts of consignement products are now adapted accordingly when the amount of the parent line changes.
- When printing a kitchen receipt it is now possible to print the difference when the amount on a ticketline has changed.... read more

Posted by hansA 2010-10-14

Swapped release files

Don't worry about the swap of the recent release files. The only problem we have removed was that POSper didn't show the correct version number (822 instead of 844). This doesn't really hurt because build number (36) and date are correct. We've decided to swap the archives, though.

Posted by hansA 2010-08-05

POSper 1.0-844 released

POSper 1.0-844 is mainly a maintenance release covering the latest snapshots and some new changes listed in the release notes.
We upgraded JasperReports to 3.5.2 which makes it necessary that you upgrade your libs directory to the current release.
No database changes have been made.

Main features of the new release are:
- JasperReports 3.5.2
- Use of HSQLDB now includes close cash and all reports (we still
don't recommend HSQLDB for poduction, though)
- New RFID reader Promag PCR310U (basic use of writable cards
identified by the cards built-in ID)
- Fixed the unfamous 'a record with the same identifier...' exception
- Fixed the edit sales ticket process which could cause trouble when
it had been interrupted
- Numerous user interface improvements like sorted category lists, etc... read more

Posted by hansA 2010-08-04

POSper 1.0 released

We are proud to announce the release of POSper 1.0.
Release 1.0 has been developed on the basis of many clients requests and proven stable and useful in both retail and restaurant environments.
Unfortunately the project Wiki does not yet reflect all the new features which have been added to POSper over the time.
You are always welcome to share your knowledge and experinece and help to further improve POSper. ... read more

Posted by hansA 2010-06-16

Release candidate posper-060-759

The POSper team has released posper-060-759. See the release notes for changes.
Many new features have been added since POSper separated from tinapos and started to be a project on it's own. POSper has already proven to be stable in a couple of productive environments and we're looking forward to hearing about more use cases.
We'll wait a couple of weeks for possible bug reports before we'll release POSper Version 1.0.
The current release is technically the same as the latest snapshot. We've only fixed the archive structure to allow poor Windows users to extract all files. This had not been possible if the Windows Explorer's built-in packager was used. There's also a tarball available in the download section.... read more

Posted by hansA 2009-11-20

New web site is up

Hello all,
I had set up the new site www.posper.net up. So far it has links to the
wiki pages.

Posted by Manuel Naranjo 2007-11-28

POSper-0.60-502 Release Candidate

This updated release candidate fixes several issues that were reported over the past couple weeks as well as includes an updated German Translation from Markus Kohlhase. A huge thanks to all the people who tested and submitted bugs!

Aaron Luchko

Posted by Aaron Luchko 2007-11-22

POSper 0.60-490 RC released

We are pleased to announce the first release candidate for POSper. What this means is the developers are aware of no bugs that would jeopardize the ability of this release to be used in a production environment and we encourage our the more daring users to do precisely that. Once the community has had time to properly test POSper in production scenarios and no serious bugs have been encountered we will post an official release, any bugs between now and then will be fixed by further release candidates.... read more

Posted by Aaron Luchko 2007-11-14

posper-0.60-353 beta3 released

This update fixes a number of bugs from the previous release as well as
integrates a new panel, Products by warehouse, from Librepos 0.23.

This release marks a feature freeze, from now until the first stable
release no new features will be added and all our work will be directed
towards bug fixing and testing.

thank you,
Aaron Luchko

Posted by Aaron Luchko 2007-09-20

POSper-0.60-337 (Beta 2) Released

This updated beta fixes some performance issues that occur when large
numbers of products are used (there are a few more parts that need to be
fixed). As well there are a handful of bugs fixed, including one by
Pedro Romano.

Aaron Luchko

Posted by Aaron Luchko 2007-09-13

POSper-0.60-328 Beta 1 Released

We're proud to announce the release of POSper-0.60-328. This is the first release under our new name and our first beta release since completing our reworking of the code base. Since our last snapshot we have added a couple of small changes and have made numerous bug fixes for various issues uncovered by our community. Database upgrade scripts are included to upgrade from our last snapshot though they haven't been tested extensively.
Get it from here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=175878&package_id=244235 ... read more

Posted by Manuel Naranjo 2007-09-01

And the new name is...

So the final round of voting has completed and the results are

POSper: 4 votes
OSPOS: 2 votes

Thus the new name of our project is POSper!

A huge thanks to everybody who made suggestions and took part in the voting. Even names that were eliminated early really helped to provide inspiration to help find the eventual selection. We're going to get started on the tasks of setting everything up under the new name. ... read more

Posted by Aaron Luchko 2007-08-17

Name Contest

We are looking for a new name for the project. Please come and vote for them at: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1794472&forum_id=606131

Posted by Manuel Naranjo 2007-08-07

TinaPOS+ 0.18-200707081618 snapshot release released

A new snapshot release has been deployed today. Changes include completed
migration for several more classes and a few new features such as better launchers specialized for each OS (bash script for *nix and mac, exe for win)

Note: If you had tried our previous snapshots you might need to delete the database file.

Posted by Manuel Naranjo 2007-07-09

Anouncement:TinaPOS+ 0.18-200706212224

Release Name: tinaposplus-0.18-200706212224

This release fixes a few bugs uncovered in the first snapshot release and adds a few bits of TinaPOS 0.22 functionality. Note there which was a slight change in the DB schema from the previous release so the database will probably have to be recreated (in between releases automatic upgrades are feasible but for snapshots it's impractical).

- Added a splash screen (only shows up for users with Java 6)... read more

Posted by Manuel Naranjo 2007-06-22

Anouncement:TinaPOS+ 0.18-200706152204

Hello everyone, it's beeing a very long journey, some people join the project, some other has left it, and are still arround. Anyway the goods news are that we finally have ended migrating the Database access framework from plain SQL to Hibernate.
Most users will not notice the difference between the original TinaPOS 0.18, and this version, except that this new version includes subcategories, and can be used with any database manager Java supports.
Developers will find that the Database access is much easier, you create a class, you mark it as entity, you add it to a list, and that's all you need to get a new table in the database. And much more stuff, you will have to find it out by yourself ;)
Our next steps are ending getting our code up to date to TinaPOS 0.22 and then finally start our own way. Who knows what's our future :D
TinaPOS Plus devel team.... read more

Posted by Manuel Naranjo 2007-06-16

Live CD Beta Release

On the download section you can find a Live CD to test TinaPOS+

Posted by Manuel Naranjo 2006-12-31

Developers Blog

I had opened a developer blog, where I will try to show how simple (or complex depending on the case) is to develop with TinaPOS+, you can check it out at our home page, or at this link: http://www.tinaposplus.org/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=1

Posted by Manuel Naranjo 2006-09-11

New Website Online

The New TinaPOS+ website is now online, the web site will host important information about the project, manuals, tutorial and all kind of information.

Check it now at http://www.tinaposplus.org/

Posted by Mauricio Cuenca 2006-08-31

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