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ManyDesigns Portofino 2.0.16 released

ManyDesigns Portofino is a model-driven development framework that is simple, fast and works out-of-the-box.

Release 2.0.16 introduces tabular results that can be sorted ascending/descending by any column, and result sets that can be navigated with first/last/previous/next buttons.

Posted by Paolo Predonzani 2009-06-04

One-click-start-portofino 2.0.12 released

One-click-start-portofino is a new convenient package (bundled with Apache Tomcat and Derby) to start using the Portofino webapp framework very quickly. An empty application and a sample ticket-tracker application are included. The only pre-requisite is a Java JRE/JDK installed on your system. For more details see the tutorial: http://www.manydesigns.com/documentation/tutorials/installing-and-running-the-software.html

Posted by Paolo Predonzani 2009-03-10

ManyDesigns Portofino 2.0.12 released

Enterprise information systems have recurrent requirements: forms, workflows, permissions and security, algorithms and calculations, validations and reports are the bread and butter of many Java developers. Existing web frameworks address these requirements one at a time in isolation, with some areas (e.g., forms) extremely well covered and some other areas (e.g., permissions) covered very little. This leaves the developer with the difficulty of integration: repetitive code, glue code and xml configuration intricacies.
ManyDesigns Portofino is a web application framework that covers all those functional areas, in an integrated way, out of the box.
Also it is based on the idea that making changes must be simple, fast and must not break the application's integrity. A change in one part of the application is propagated to all other parts automatically.... read more

Posted by Paolo Predonzani 2009-02-18

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