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PopED for R version 0.1.2 is now released

Posted by Andy 2014-11-19

PopED version 2.13 is now released

The main features of this release is the ability to include run files from the GUI. This enables post- and pre processing of your optimizations, e.g. adaptive design within the GUI. Another feature is that completely user defined models can be entered directly in the GUI, e.g. easier to write multiple models with vector notation.

Posted by Jocke 2012-06-04

PopED version 2.12 is now released

The main features of this release is the option to optimize/execute in parallel. Other script features are; inclusion of covariances in the random effect in the FIM, possibility to optimize individuals in design groups faster etc.

Posted by Jocke 2011-06-05

PopED version 2.11 is now released

This release enables PopED to run with FreeMat instead of Matlab. Furthermore, several new features including Laplace approximation for expectation integration, Ds-optimal design, occasions, BFGS minimization etc. are included in the GUI.

Posted by Jocke 2010-08-18

PopED version 2.10 is now released

This release enables PopED GUI to be run in other operating systems (e.g. Unix) with the Mono package. Furthermore, new features are efficiency translations and updated functionality to run within Matlab 2009

Posted by Jocke 2009-07-15

PopED Version 2.09 is now released

This release contains among other features: possibilities to work without the COM-server, more templates and lots of "behind the scene coding improvements" in the script version to make the code more efficicent.

Posted by Jocke 2009-06-18

PopED version 2.08 is now released

This release contains among other features the possibility to use discrete variables and inter occasion variability

Posted by Jocke 2008-06-12

PopED version 2.07 is now released

This version contains linear ode solvers, syntax higlighting, Exchange Algorithm etc.

Posted by Jocke 2008-03-21

PopED: Version 2.06 is now released

PopED (Population Experimental Design) is a software tool for computing optimal experimental designs. The software has been developed with an emphasis on drug trials based on population models (non-linear mixed effects models).

This version includes Latin hyper cube sampling, smart differential equation handling, improved groupsize optimization etc.

Posted by Jocke 2008-02-14

PopED version 2.05 is now released

New features with FO, FOCE and FOCEI- optimal design. Extended model library etc.

Posted by Jocke 2007-11-09

PopED version 2.01 is now released

This version has additional support for complex differentiation and some improved support for manage the differential equation solver from the GUI.

See http://poped.sourceforge.net for more information

Posted by Jocke 2007-10-03

PopED version 2.0 is now released

The release of PopED version 2.0 is now available. The version contains a new Graphical User Interface along with a lot of new features in the Matlab script version part of the program.

Posted by Jocke 2007-09-09

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