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POP3Lite / News: Recent posts

POP3Lite discontinued

Due to lack of interest on my part, time constraints, and various other reasons, I consider pop3lite dead, and do not want to continue its development.

Posted by Gergely Nagy 2001-10-20

POP3Lite 0.2.4 released

POP3Lite 0.2.4 fixes RFC compliance, by adding support to correctly escape leading dots upon message transfer.

Posted by Gergely Nagy 2001-08-24

POP3Lite 0.2.3b released

POP3Lite 0.2.3b was released today. It contains several fixes to the mailbox and file locking code, so the stale lockfiles should vanish. Also, it contains a fix for a well-hidden segmentation fault, which I could not reproduce without usign a debugger..

As usual in the stable release cycle, you should upgrade to this new version, available from

Posted by Gergely Nagy 2001-06-01

POP3Lite 0.2.3 released

The new 0.2.3 release includes a fix for a possible dead-lock in the mailbox locking code; furthermore a new module (called iplog) sneaked into the distribution. See the release notes for more information.

Posted by Gergely Nagy 2001-05-03

Version 0.2.2 released

This new release includes Solaris support and some fixes from Vesselin Atanasov. If you use POP3Lite on a high-loaded site, you should consider upgrading.

Posted by Gergely Nagy 2001-04-18

Version 0.2.1 released

This release includes an important bug fix for occasional lossage when the data is larger than the TCP window. Thanks to Vesselin Atanasov <> for noticing and fixing the bug.

I urge everyone using an older version to upgrade.

Posted by Gergely Nagy 2001-04-03