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new release 050329

Put out a new build. Mostly it's performance improvements and some JDK 1.5 support. Webstart users should get the update automatically.

Posted by allen petersen 2005-03-30

New release 040128 - encryption support

I've just posted release 040128 for Pooka 1.1 (JDK 1.4 version). It supports PGP and S/MIME encryption. I'm sure that it will need a lot of work and testing and so forth, but it's there.

Also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here, but Pooka can now be started using webstart. Go to


to try it out.

Posted by allen petersen 2004-01-29

now build 030329

I put up a new build of Pooka. Some bugfixes (including a JDK version check), plus a find in page feature for 1.1.

Posted by allen petersen 2003-03-29

new pooka build - 020810

new features include improved new user configuration, faster ssl connection, and pop over ssl. see the changelist (and, i suppose, the release notes) for more information.

we're getting closer and close to something that i consider done enough to call 1.0 beta...

Posted by allen petersen 2002-08-10

new release 020304

Release for fun numbering.

I think that I got this one onto SourceForge
properly. See the release notes and change log
for information.

Posted by allen petersen 2002-03-05

new release 011226 -- sort of

Well, I just tried positing a new build, but, at least so far for me,
it's not showing up on here properly. For now, I'd suggest
going to http://www.suberic.net/pooka/files/latest/ if you want
to get the latest version. With luck, I'll have this sorted out

Be sure to read the release notes on this new release, though;
I've changed several things about the way that SMTP servers
are configured, and, while this should be completely backwards
compatible, I do suggest that users go in and configure their
clients to use the new system.... read more

Posted by allen petersen 2001-12-27

new build 011105

Yeah, it's about time.

I've put up a new build. This one has a built-in address book. It's kind of minimalist right now, but it's there.

Posted by allen petersen 2001-11-05

new build 011105

Yeah, it's about time.

I've put up a new build. This one has a built-in address book. It's kind of minimalist right now, but it's there.

Posted by allen petersen 2001-11-05

oops--new build 010509

I screwed up with the build scripts for 010508.
this one should be better.

Posted by allen petersen 2001-05-10

new build 010508

Finally, a new Pooka build. The main feature that people will notice is
the search button on the folder view. The rest of the UI for searches is
lacking, but the basic functionality is there. I also fixed several bugs
with running IMAP in disconnected mode.

I haven't tested this build as much as I'd tested earlier ones, so it may
have a few more bugs. Hopefully it'll be ok, though.

Posted by allen petersen 2001-05-09

update, delay in next release

I just bought a house about a month ago, and moved into it
last week. So there's been an understandable delay in getting
a new build of Pooka out. I hope that I'll be able to get one
put together in a few weeks, but I can't promise anything.

The new version's main new feature will be support for searching folders for messages using the javax.mail.search
package. I've also added the ability to filter incoming messages, and also the ability to modify the display of messages in the folder listing (i.e. display all mailing list messages in italics).... read more

Posted by allen petersen 2001-04-30

new release 010226

i just put a new release of pooka up. the main new feature is
support for imap over ssl. a few bug fixes have also been
made, including fixing it so the next message is selected
properly when you do a delete.

Posted by allen petersen 2001-02-26

cvs repository available

the cvs repository for pooka is now officially available. i
haven't yet tried checking it out anonymously, but it works for
logged in users. you can also browse it from the cvs link
on the project page.

Posted by allen petersen 2001-02-20

new build

i've put out a new build of pooka (datestamp 010205). this version includes much, much better pop support, improved reliability after imap server hiccups, disconnected imap support, and a slew of ui improvements.

i'm also in the process of moving my cvs tree over to sourceforge. we'll see how that goes.

Posted by allen petersen 2001-02-07

site update

i now have an active account on sourceforge (yay!). i'll see about getting the cvs tree moved over as soon as i get a chance.


Posted by allen petersen 2001-01-26

starting information

Just so people know, I'm having problems getting
my source tree over here to the new site. Until that works out, you can get the latest Pooka builds and code at http://www.suberic.net/pooka/


Posted by allen petersen 2001-01-23

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