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Poedit / News: Recent posts

Poedit 1.4.2 released

Version 1.4.2 of Poedit was released. This is bugfixes-only release with no new features.

Posted by Vaclav Slavik 2008-09-06

Poedit 1.4.1 released

Bugfixes release 1.4.1 was uploaded. Most notably, it fixes the bug that prevented text entry using AltGr on Windows.

Posted by Vaclav Slavik 2008-04-06

Poedit 1.4 released

New version of Poedit was released, with several cosmetic and usability fixes.

Posted by Vaclav Slavik 2008-03-10

Poedit 1.3.9 released

New version of Poedit was released, with an important bug fix. All Poedit users running OS X (the bug didn't affect other platforms) should upgrade.

Posted by Vaclav Slavik 2007-12-11

Poedit 1.3.8 released

New version of Poedit, 1.3.8, was release today. It contains fixes for several minor bugs and most importantly, it can now handle catalogs with msgctxt entries and with "previous record" values.

Posted by Vaclav Slavik 2007-12-09

poEdit 1.3.7 released

New version of poEdit, 1.3.7, was released. Changes include:
- Windows: Windows 95/98 is no longer supported by the official binary
- OS X: poEdit is now built as Universal binary
- fixed the Preferences menu entry in catalogs manager
- fixed to handle file references with Windows paths on Unix
- fixed the "failed to convert to unicode" bug when saving (#1589744)
- OS X: fixed clicking on PO files in Finder (#1583967)
- fixed opening source files in external editor if the path contains
spaces (#1743172)
- Windows: fixed keyboard navigation in Find dialog (#1697743)
- added more translations:
Urdu (Muhammad Shakir Aziz)

Posted by Vaclav Slavik 2007-07-01