Martin Stut - 2009-10-14

I hit the same issue, but found a workaround:
0. transfer the PDA created .mm to a desktop machine
1. on the desktop, open the PDA created .mm file in Notepad++
2. in Notepad++ execute "convert to ANSI"
3. save the .mm file
4. close Notepad++
5. open the file in desktop Freemind

I compared the files using a hex editor. I found that the PDA version starts with 3 high value bytes (ef bb bf in my case) that don't get displayed in Notepad++ but do confuse desktop Freemind. Executing the conversion from UTF-8 to ANSI in Notepad++ removes these bytes.

To the developers of Pocket Freemind: do these bytes have a special meaning? If no, is there a way to omit writing them to the file? This would greatly enhance the useability of Pocket Freemind.