#53 stable location for latest download

Jack Nagel

When a new release is made, the previous release tarball is moved to an old versions directory, which breaks downstream links.

It would be great if new releases could be added to the old versions directory as well, even if it doesn't make semantic sense, it does help downstream users.



  • Jack Nagel

    Jack Nagel - 2013-02-14

    (for pngcrush, that is.)

  • Glenn Randers-Pehrson

    SourceForge doesn't seem to allow symlinks, which would be the natural way to accomplish what you want:

    sftp> symlink 1.7.50 old-versions/1.7/1.7.50
    Couldn't symlink file "/home/pfs/project/p/pm/pmt/pngcrush/1.7.50" to
    "/home/pfs/project/p/pm/pmt/pngcrush/old-versions/1.7/1.7.50": Bad message

    The SourceForge documentations says "Moving files and creating of symlinks may be accomplished via the shell" but I haven't tried that, and it wouldn't fit well in my workflow.

    I've run into trouble in the past trying to have two files with the same name in a project under different subdirectories, so I can't make a copy of the 1.7.50 directory, unless I change the names of the files within it, but that would add more confusion than it removes, I think.

    Why don't you simply link to the old-versions/1.7/whatever? You'll always be one or more releases behind the cutting edge, but that's going to happen anyhow if old-versions/1.7/1.7.50 actually existed, if you've got hard links to some old version.

    Leaving all of the files in the top directory doesn't work either because there are too many, and the new version would get lost in the noise. I actually did that for a while, but browsers would time out on the page (with "script busy, continue?" or something like that).

    I think there was a way to access files via prdownloads.sf.net that was immune to files being moved around in a project's directory structure, but I forget now exactly how and don't know if that still works.

    Last edit: Glenn Randers-Pehrson 2013-02-15

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