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pm2qif v0.3 released

PocketMoney to QIF v0.3 is available now. This version adds support for the new database format used by PocketMoney for Palm v3.0.0 and later.

Posted by Gareth Watts 2003-05-16

pm2qif version 0.2 released

Fixes a few minor bugs and adds support for versions of PocketMoney >2.5.0

Posted by Gareth Watts 2001-12-27

PocketMoney to QIF v0.1 released

The first version of the PocketMoney for Palm to .QIF convertor has been released.
This small Perl script allows you to export transactions from the PocketMoney databases, ready for loading into a finance pacakge such as GNUCash.

Posted by Gareth Watts 2000-07-28