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Well, its been quite a while since I worked on the project, so I'm switching the project to "Inactive" status as well as placing the source code into public domain.

If anyone wants to take over the project, send an email and I'll be happy to pass it on. I hope this program has been of some use to everyone, and once again, happy sorting!

- Unyo


Posted by Unyo 2008-01-08

Plumeria 1.0.7

A few more minor details added on, making it again a bit more bearable to use hopefully.

Quite a few things have been switched around, and now there is an UNDO function, so hopefully this makes it much easier to work with.

And once again, if you find any bugs or problems, or would like to see a feature added, please leave something on the forums! Feedback is very welcome!

Posted by Unyo 2007-09-02

Plumeria 1.0.6

A few more added features to 1.0.5, and makes the program a bit more tolerable to use:

- Images are now centered by default
- Move hotkey - Redo last action
- Single click move to folder/Select folder option
- >> and ~> folder command modifiers: >> executes a command, ~> executes a command and deletes the file from the file list box. %1 is replaced with the file name. batch file friendly.
- Status bar w/ last preformed action... read more

Posted by Unyo 2007-08-20

Plumeria 1.0.5

Plumeria 1.0.5 Released! This update is huge. Altogether we now have:

- JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and ICO support
- Efficient mouse and keyboard sorting
- NSIS Installer
- Customizable file associations

If there is a version to download, it would probably be THIS ONE.

Posted by Unyo 2007-08-12

Plumeria 1.0.4

Just one day after the release of 1.0.3, sorry lol.

Anyway, this version now has PNG support! Thanks to PNG Delphi, for its superior code! <>

Also, with this release, plumeria is now a Level 4 project: BETA stage.

Posted by Unyo 2007-08-07

Plumeria Web Site

Plumeria's new homepage is up, and in-progress!

Posted by Unyo 2007-08-07

Plumeria 1.0.3

Plumeria 1.0.3 has been released, has a few major and minor bug-fixes that makes using it even easier. Nothing major, but still new! Also, screenshots now are shown using the Windows Theme Energy Blue aka Royale.

Posted by Unyo 2007-08-07

Plumeria 1.0.2

In this release, a few bugs were fixed, a few small changes were added here and there. Adding folders and renaming files have gotten a bit easier.

As always, feedback welcome, and if you would like to help with the project as well, please feel free to drop a note.

Posted by Unyo 2007-07-21

Plumeria in WINE

An anonymous user has tested and reported that it "works pretty well under wine", for those who would like to use it in Linux. thanks anon.

A native linux version is also currently a being worked on for the next version.

Posted by Unyo 2007-07-15

Plumeria on Softpedia

Softpedia guarantees that Plumeria Image Sorter 1.0.0 is 100% FREE, which means it is a freeware product (both for personal and commercial use) that does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

wow, cool. its an honor to have my program added to softpedia, thank you! i like the descriptions they gave it too:... read more

Posted by Unyo 2007-07-11

Plumeria 1.0.1

Hot off the compiler, it now has a sidebar that shows you the folders. You can use that to move your images as well, although the keyboard way is probably faster.

As always, please feel very free to post in the forums with any suggestions. Anonymous postings, no need to register.

Happy sorting

Posted by Unyo 2007-07-11

Plumeria 1.0.0

I guess I should have posted this a while back, but anyway, Plumeria 1.0.0 is up. Test it out, use, and enjoy. Feedback is welcome, forums are open for discussion.

Posted by Unyo 2007-06-20

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