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First working public release!

It's time to go spread the world.
This release works on Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (Woody) and should work with later versions too (untested though).

Posted by Jerome Warnier 2002-11-29

usable Debian packages for Woody

We've done it! At last, we have working (well, you got to test by yourself!) packages meant for Woody (it may well work on other release).
It currently only installs what you need to get stations working with a special diskless Debian rootfs read-only on the server.

Posted by Jerome Warnier 2002-04-07

imported devel dir in CVS

I've been working for a few days on a clean directory layout for everything related to plume and now that I'm happy with what I got I imported it fearlessly into CVS. (module name is "plume").


Posted by Frederic Peters 2001-04-26

First file release

Just look by yourself. It may be interesting.

Posted by Frederic Peters 2001-04-20

Our HomePage is available!

The project has a new homepage!
Thanks to Frederic Peters for this so pretty "quick hack".

Posted by Jerome Warnier 2001-03-16

potato booting diskless

Starting from a real potato base install exported over NFS changes were made to remove any references to local disks. And it boots :)
(kernel 2.4.2, devfs (with hand-made compatibility symlinks) and ramfs (for /tmp, currently unused).

And it booted without much problems from nothing to X. Nice to see.

Posted by Frederic Peters 2001-03-08