PLplot-5.12.0 has been released

PLplot-5.12.0 is the latest release of PLplot. This cross-platform software package is suitable for creating scientific plots whose (UTF-8) plot symbols and text (in virtually all human languages and scripts) are limited in practice only by what Unicode-aware system fonts are installed on a user's computer. The PLplot software, which is primarily licensed under the LGPL, has a clean architecture that is organized as a core C library, separate computer language bindings for that library, and separate device drivers that are dynamically loaded by the core library which control how the plots are presented in noninteractive and interactive plotting contexts.

This release of PLplot-5.12.0 represents the ongoing efforts of the PLplot community to improve this software, and we encourage all users to upgrade to this version since this is the only version we support.

Highlights of the release include the following:

  • Bug fixes
  • Rewrite the CMake Ada language support
  • Rewrite the Fortran binding
  • Supply old Fortran binding and examples option
  • Backwards incompatibilities introduced by the new Fortran binding
  • Examples reworked for the -DPL_DOUBLE=OFF case
  • Changes to our Ada bindings and examples
  • Changes to our tclmatrix library
  • Backwards-incompatible changes to our Tcl/Tk bindings and examples
  • Substantial rewrite of the DocBook documentation
  • Default page size consistency
  • Updated D language support
  • Modernized build-system support for Qt4 and Qt5
  • Implemented support for pyqt5
  • Addressed -DPL_DOUBLE=OFF issues
  • Replaced "Lena" with "Chloe"
  • Removed trailing blanks on most text files in our source tree
  • Make our wxwidgets find module consistent with the official version for CMake-3.7.1
  • Introduction of two new generic pointer types to help protect against a planned future C API breakage
  • Introduction of additional self-describing names for the types of arguments used in our C API
  • Implement submission of dashboards to the <> cdash server
  • Substantial update and rename of the Python examples
  • Linux efficiency improvements for the wxwidgets device driver

PLplot releases may be found at Release notes (which summarizes the backwards incompatibilities and which gives further details about the highlights of this release) and a detailed ChangeLog are given in the README.release and ChangeLog.release files included with the release tarball. (The README.release file available separately at is a concatanation of those two files.) PLplot feedback and contributions can be submitted to the mailing lists provided at
PLplot's Home Page is

Posted by Alan W. Irwin 2017-01-29

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