Patch for plplot-5.0.3 configuration

The patch, plplot-5.0.3.patch1.gz, is available in the usual place
(Latest file releases at\).

If you have no trouble configuring your system now, don't bother with this
patch. Furthermore, the rpm files are unchanged because RH 6.2 is unaffected
by this problem.

However, if you are having configuration problems when building
PLplot-5.0.3, read on. We have discovered a conceptual problem in the
configuration of X (and a few other libraries) thanks to an important bug
report we received today from Valerij Pipin. The 5.0.3 configuration
demanded the *.a static form of libraries be present even though the shared
form of library was used in subsequent linking.

It is an unnecessary burden on the user to demand they have
the static versions of X libraries (or any other library where there is a
shared counterpart) installed simply because of incomplete configuration
logic. This patch removes that burden.

This configuration patch works well on a Debian system with the X static
libraries removed. Please let me know if there are any remaining
configuration problems on other systems.

Alan W. Irwin

Posted by Alan W. Irwin 2001-04-03